The Switch to Android app, released by Google to move from iOS to Android, now supports all Android 12 phones.

In April, Google unveiled the Switch to Android app for iOS, which is used to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Google at the time limited the app to pixel phones, but now it has been announced that all iPhone users can use this app to transfer their data from all phones with Android 12 onwards.

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Switch to Android app

The Switch to Android app now supports all Android 12 phones

Recently, Google silently released the Switch to Android app in the Apple App Store, which was a dedicated app for those iPhone users who want to migrate to Android.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the silent release of this program was its exclusive monopoly on pixel phones, which are a limited community of the large Android world. However, the situation has now changed and Google has provided greater support for devices, which means that now with the Switch to Android application, iPhone data can be transferred to any phone equipped with Android 12.

Although the Android 12 community is relatively small at the moment, many of the current handsets on the market come with Android 12 by default. Of course, if your phone is not Android 12, you should avoid Switch to Android and find another way to transfer your data to Android.

But for a phone equipped with Android 12, just install the Switch to Android app on the iPhone. This app then guides you step by step to transfer information to iPhone. First you have to connect your phone to the Android device wirelessly with a cable, and then the steps of data transfer to the simplest nojo are done.

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