Probably, the weak reception of users and the continuation of the financial crisis caused some to stop Important meta projects It is among the smart products of the Portal project.

The portal project was unveiled in 2018, and since then Meta has unveiled new models of smart portal products, including Go portal which was introduced last year. Most of the portal devices failed to attract the attention of users and the main concern of users to buy these products was the issue of privacy.

On the other hand, these products have big competitors like Amazon Echo they are facing. Apparently, after 5 years, Meta has finally given up on the portal project and is not going to unveil new smart hardware soon.

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The reason for stopping some important meta projects

According to the latest news published on news sites, Meta plans to stop selling portal products completely. In addition to changing Meta’s strategy, the company announced this week that it plans to lay off 11,000 employees. According to the latest reports, the reduction of the budget of some projects, such as the portal, is also part of Meta’s plans.

Stopping some important meta projects

Reuters has announced that in addition to the portal, Meta is working on the project Smart watches He has also stopped himself. Of course, these meta products were not well received and even many users have forgotten that meta has such products.

One of the most important capabilities of the portal project devices is the ability to communicate with others through Facebook messenger Or Whatsapp Was. These devices also had the ability to support Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. The quality of video calls with portal products is very good because they have high-quality cameras. Although the initial opinion of the buyers towards these products was good, little by little privacy concerns were raised and this issue caused the sales of the portal project products to decrease.

Meta has not yet commented on this issue and it is possible that this project will continue. But considering the existence of countless successful products in the market, it is not unlikely that many users will look for more reliable products with a better history.

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