According to the latest letter from Shoprak company, Payment of non-existent allowances They will be closed soon and the first day of October is the deadline to receive the electronic trust symbol (Inmad).

Payers without this item They are closed. October 1, 1401 last chance Payers to receive this It has been announced and in the text of the last letter of Shoprak company:

Aaron Groups

All terminals that do not have a valid trust symbol or have an identity that does not match the owner’s identity will be disabled by Shoprak.

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The suspension of payments for those who do not have this item from the beginning of Mehr 1401

In another part of this letter, Shaperak wrote the following by asking the payers to follow their electronic trust symbol:

The payer is responsible for any disruption and its consequences. Therefore, it is requested to urgently check the status of the electronic trust symbol of the domain of the supported site recipients.

The suspension of payment of donations without this symbol (electronic trust symbol) from the beginning of Mehr 1401
Payment of non-existent allowances

After the publication of this letter and determination The deadline to receive this item This seems to be mandatory Electronic trust symbol It is followed more seriously than before. This is despite the fact that activists and experts in the field of internet businesses have repeatedly compared to The compulsion of this product They protested and expressed their opposition.

In two cases, these objections led businesses to file a complaint with the Administrative Court of Justice, and in December of last year, 50 startups announced their protest by launching a campaign against this issue. None of these activities ultimately came to fruition, and the last complaint brought to the Administrative Court of Justice about this matter was also unsuccessful.

In the middle of the summer of 1401, the Court of Administrative Justice announced the result of the investigation of the complaint of one of the managers of the chamber of guilds about the mandatory implementation of this article and rejected the claim that this article contradicts the law of the trade union system, and voted in favor of this article. It seems that this decision of the chapter of the speech was mandatory, because now the Shapark company has set the last deadline for the payments and has announced the closure of their activities if they do not receive it.

The insistence on making this product mandatory is constantly emphasized while activists and experts have protested and opposed this decision from various angles. Mohammad Mahdi Shariatmadar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fintech Association, in an interview, continued to emphasize the legal contradiction of this product and said:

What friends say in this matter is that to start a business, there must be a trade license, for example, a union, or a license from a specialized institution, such as the central bank, the Ministry of Health, etc., which have a special law. On the contrary, our point is that some innovative issues are not defined at all and the special law and trade union system do not accept them.

He also believes Mandatory and compulsory of this product It will lead to severe insecurity in the field of innovative businesses; Because any case for these businesses will lead to the closing of their doors. Adel Talebithe secretary of the Internet Business Association, pointed out the unnecessaryness of the electronic trust symbol and said:

From 2013 onwards, when banks carry out the authentication process through the national card, there is practically no need for this. Of course, we have to admit that it was very helpful at the beginning of its formation and prevented frauds, but it was only a placeholder for that time and its activity does not need to continue forever.

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