Has the subsidy payment time been determined in September 1401? This issue has received a lot of attention in social media and has had a wide reflection. Continue with this article to explore this issue further.

There are a few days left until the regular deadline for the monthly cash subsidy payment, and the subsidy recipients are still facing two uncertainties. The first uncertainty is that according to Masoud Mirkazemi’s recent statements, whether the cash subsidy will increase or not. The second ambiguity is that, considering the government’s serious determination to replace the electronic invoice with a cash subsidy, whether this replacement will be done in September or not. The Subsidy Targeting Organization has not announced the exact time of the subsidy deposit in September 1401 and the deduction of the twenty-seventh installment of the Corona loan of the subsidy recipients.

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The subsidy deposit time was determined in September 1401; Cash or goods?

According to the records of the payments, the cash subsidy will be deposited into the account of the heads of the household on Sunday, 20 September 1401. Meanwhile, the twenty-seventh installment of the loan of one million tomans of Corona in the amount of 35 thousand and 100 tomans will be deducted from the total household subsidy.

Regarding the increase in cash subsidy, Masoud Mirkazemi, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, recently said that if the prices are not revised based on September 1400, they will adjust the amount of cash subsidy based on the new price.

According to the announcement of the Targeted Subsidy Organization, the 139th stage of cash subsidy [۳۰۰ – ۴۰۰ هزار تومانی] related to the month of Shahrivar, along with the increase of the minimum pension of the families of the beneficiaries under the support of the Imam Khomeini (RA) Relief Committee and the country’s welfare organization, will be deposited and withdrawn at 24:00 on Sunday, 20th of Shahrivar 1401.

Cash subsidy or goods?

Bahadri Jahormi, the spokesperson of the government, said in this regard:

The government currently pays the cash subsidy. The law obliges the government to implement the electronic invoice and the government announced that it will prepare the infrastructure for this, but until the infrastructure is provided, it will pay the subsidy in cash. Due to the shock of the price increase, the government deposited two months’ subsidy in one place, and the government’s plan was to deposit the subsidy monthly after two months.

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