Someone in Britain shared the story of a hard-working iPhone that was found 10 months after the bottom of the river and of course is still healthy and working!

This person claims to have found his iPhone after ten months under water, and strangely enough, it turns on and works. It is true that iPhones are dust and water resistant and have the IP standard, but it is also strange that a device stays under water for ten months and then turns on again.

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The tough iPhone lasted 10 months on the river floor!

Most new generation iPhones have the IP standard and are somewhat water resistant. For example, the iPhone 13 Promex has the IP68 standard, which can withstand water penetration to a depth of 6 meters for half an hour. But can iPhones actually go beyond standards and break defined boundaries?

Reports show that yes! The iPhone can withstand more water penetration for a longer period of time, although there have been rumors about the resistance of some other handsets, such as Huawei.

A man named Evin Davis lost his phone in the river last summer. Ten months pass and another person on the boat finds the phone. He publishes a photo of the mobile phone in cyberspace, hoping to find the original owner. The finder thought to himself that the owner of the device must have stored important information in it.

So he dries the iPhone with the air compressor and charges it, and to his surprise he saw that the phone turned on and started working. He posts a photo of the original owner of the phone on the background image on Facebook and returns the device to the original owner.

Such events show that smart devices can perform more than imagined. But our advice to you is to take care of your dear device, you may not be as lucky as this person.

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