Strange statistics of the Minister of Communications on the migration to internal platforms which was proposed today in the public forum of the Majlis indicates the migration of 17 million users to domestic platforms in one day!

Today, the Minister of Communications was a guest of the parliamentarians and made strange comments like all the time! In one particular case, he talked about the wave of migration to domestic platforms and claimed that an Iranian platform now has 35 million monthly active users. On the other hand, Zarepoor from The migration of 17 million Iranian users to a specific platform in one day informed!

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Strange statistics of the Minister of Communications on the migration to internal platforms

Isa Zarepour appeared in the public hall of the Islamic Council this morning to answer some questions of the representatives. In his speech, he used large numbers without referring to a specific source and statistical reference. For example, this figure 17 million users join an internal messenger in one day which Zarepour mentioned is an important record in its own way! In his explanation to the people’s representatives, Zarepour said, referring to the efforts made to develop domestic messengers:

“At the beginning of the responsibility period, we set up a special working group with the aim of developing internal messengers so that people do not feel different from foreign platforms with different advantages and diversity. In the last two months, according to the prevailing conditions, meetings were held on a daily basis and the development of internal platforms was monitored every day. “Our goal is that if the external versions are to be activated, the internal platform will be strengthened in such a way that people will want to use the internal platform.”

The strange statistics of the Minister of Communications on migration to internal platforms;  Do people trust native messengers?

Zarepour by stating that people are Join internal platforms are, claimed to have seen 17 million users on an internal platform in one day: “In an internal program, more than 35 million users used it monthly. Also, domestic internet traffic compared to foreign networks has increased 60 to 40.

In this part of his speech, Mr. Zarepour emphasized that the traffic of domestic products doubled for the first time and said that this shows People’s favor and trust in internal platforms has it.

Emphasizing that privacy is the red line of the Ministry of Communications, Zarepour pointed to the leadership’s fatwa on privacy violations and claimed that no one has the right to access people’s information on internal platforms:

“Last week, the head of the judiciary announced in a circular that according to Article 25 of the Constitution, no one has the right to tamper with people’s information. Therefore, to protect people’s data, we have prepared a bill that will be sent to the parliament soon, and we expect it to be approved with the support of the representatives with the condition of urgency.”

He discussed in another part of his speech Support for online businesses He pointed out and said: “A regulation has been drafted in this regard, which provides for more than 30 types of support for domestic businesses and platforms, and its implementation will begin soon. Com businesses Active on the domestic platform Sweet be.”

As the Minister has said, joining domestic online businesses to their domestic platforms is a license and not required. Also, Mr. Zarepour once again Two-year tax exemption for small home businesses He pointed out that they do not have a history of paying taxes.

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