According to the registration of the first exposure National Observatory of Iran And recording the first light 3.4 meter telescope This observatory was the last stage of assembling telescope subsets and completing the country’s largest scientific project.

Plan of National Observatory of Iran It is the first major scientific plan of Iran in the field of basic sciences, which has been implemented by the Basic Knowledge Research Institute, relying on local knowledge and technology, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Presidential Office of Science and Technology, and the country’s program and budget organization.

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National Observatory of Iran; From idea to implementation

The plan in question is one of the most important plans of the country in recent years with the aim of developing astronomy and observational cosmology and creating and developing related technologies in the field of optics, mechanics and control.

first light In fact, it is a set of activities whose purpose is to know the optical, control and mechanical behavior of the telescope and to measure the main characteristics such as the dimensions of the light spot in the center of its controllability such as targeting and tracking of the telescope as well as the performance of active optics. This process leads to the scientific exploitation of the telescope by making the final settings of the telescope and assembling the software.

The start of the National Observatory of Iran with the illumination of the native 3.4 meter telescope

The information of the first light images shows that telescope At the beginning of the process, it provides an image quality of 0.8 arcseconds corresponding to the average astronomical visibility of the Wolf observatory site at the main focus and in a field of view of 2 arcminutes. The image of Arp 282 colliding galaxy system at a distance of 320 million light years to record the first light of an extragalactic object shows the technical capabilities of this telescope on the first night of technical observation.

The first light images of this telescope show the integration of optics, mechanics, hardware and control software in a configuration consisting of tens of thousands of mechanical and electronic parts. Now the telescope celestial bodies intercepts with an accuracy of better than one arc second (in 10 minutes exposure time), which is much better than the amount specified in the design documents. Also, the active optics system has optimally demonstrated the ability to remove optical aberrations by changing the shape of the primary mirror and moving the secondary mirror.

The main Telescope of National Observatory of IranOptical telescope with the diameter of the main mirror of 340 cm (weight 4000 kg) and the secondary mirror of 60 cm is benefited from Cassegrain optical combination and mechanical structure of side-elevation type. This combination has been used for most medium to very large telescopes in recent years. This telescope uses the latest technologies in controlling the movement of the axes as well as controlling the primary and secondary mirrors. The weight of the telescope structure is about 90 tons.

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