The Spanish football league (LaLiga) entered the metaverse. LaLiga activity in Metaverse Dicentraland It leads to the expansion of the Spanish football fan community.

The Spanish La Liga plans to create a new innovation by operating in Metaverse and provide the best experiences for fans on and off the field of football matches.

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LaLiga activity in Metaverse Dicentraland

According to reports, the Spanish Premier League (Primera Division), commonly known as La Liga They mention it, in order to enter the space of Metaverse Dicentraland cooperates with digital art platform StadioPlus.

During this collaboration, LaLiga has purchased digital land plots in the Vegas City area (one of the virtual reality platform cities). LaLiga activity in Metaverse Dicentraland It is aimed at attracting the attention of the young generation. Most users of Metaverse space are young people. Many people born between 1997 and 2012 will be interested in the Spanish football league after watching the La Liga action in Metaverse Dicentraland. Stephen Ibbotson, head of licensing for LaLiga, commented on the league’s presence in Metaverse.

The start of LaLiga activity in Metaverse Dicentraland;  Buying land in Vegas City!

According to Ibbotson, LaLiga’s goal of participating in the Metaverse is to create the best experience for fans on and off the football field. This contract will lead to the expansion of the Spanish football fan community. The StadioPlus platform has acquired all the intellectual and industrial property rights of LaLiga for the commercial presence in Metaverse. Jon Fatelevich, one of the senior directors of the digital art platform, stated:

StadioPlus aims to create a bridge between the sports industry and the future. We are happy to have reached this agreement with LaLiga. Over the past months, we have been working with LaLiga on the development and integration of Dicentraland competitions and we guarantee that this collaboration will create a great experience for football fans.

Activity of Spanish clubs in Metaverse

It is worth mentioning that the two best Spanish football teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, have carried out activities in the field of metaverse. The two popular teams filed a joint application for the Metaverse trademark last month. Barcelona and Real Madrid will now be able to offer their fans products such as VR games and digital currency transaction management software.

Espanyol is another major La Liga football club to enter the cryptocurrency space this year, partnering with Crypto Snack in May to become the first local team to The possibility of buying tournament tickets with digital currencies provides for its fans.

The start of LaLiga activity in Metaverse Dicentraland;  Buying land in Vegas City!

Espanyol fans can also purchase their favorite food and drinks during matches using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets. The Cadiz team partnered with Floki Inu in November 2021. The result of this collaboration was the registration of the Floki token logo on the sleeve of the Cadiz team shirt.

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