In their recent research, Chinese scientists were able to Smart mask for corona detection to invent to identify people who are infected with this virus.

By making this mask, it is easy to recognize people who are infected with this virus. Mask Corona detection smart warns and informs the people who are exposed to the infected.

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By making this mask, scientists help a lot of people who have underlying diseases and prevent the risk of contracting this virus.

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Smart mask for corona detection

During the last 3 years, many scientists and experts have offered solutions to avoid contracting this disease, but now Chinese scientists have succeeded in creating Smart mask for corona detection have became.

Smart mask for corona detection
Smart mask for corona detection

This smart mask is able to detect the presence of the virus in the air and inform the user, which is mostly used in closed areas. Smart mask Corona detection can detect common respiratory viruses in the air through droplets or airborne particles, while viruses such as: Corona or influenza are transmitted to people through airborne particles when talking, coughing or sneezing.

Chinese scientists Inside this smart mask, they have used a small sensor along with an aptamer, which is a kind of artificial molecule to identify the unique proteins of pathogens such as antibodies.

This small sensor in the mask has three types of aptamers that can detect the surface proteins of Covid-19, H5N1 and H1N1.

Smart mask for corona detection
Smart mask

This mask warns the person when the aptamers interact with the existing proteins. In this case, a transistor is activated on the mask and in time Less than 10 minutes It warns the person to avoid contracting the virus.

Scientists in their experiments live surface proteins that contain small amounts of viruses coronavirus have been sprayed on the existing sensor and the sensor has succeeded in identifying this virus.

Researchers have announced that with the spread of new viruses in the open space, they can update the embedded sensor. These Chinese researchers are looking to reduce the duration of virus detection and increase the accuracy of the sensor used.

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