Nearly three days ago (25/7/1401), the Coordinating Council of Cultural Groups of Qom Seminary, in a letter to Ebrahim Raisi, requested Permanent filter for Instagram and WhatsApp became

Following the recent restrictions regarding the filtering of popular social networks, including Instagram And WhatsappNow, the seminary has requested that these restrictions continue and that the mentioned social networks be blocked forever.

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Request for a permanent Instagram and WhatsApp filter by the Coordination Council of Cultural Groups of Qom Seminary

The text of the letter states:

Hazrat Ayatollah Raisi, Honorable President of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace


With respect and wishes for success, in the days when your Excellency struck the heart of the enemy in the face of global arrogance and held the picture of Martyr Soleimani in the United Nations; The hyenas and scavengers, who thought that the field was empty and that only a photo of the zeal of the men fighting terrorism was left and that’s it, they felt they could make a run, so they came out of their nests and with an excuse, they tricked a number of raw youth and teenagers and brought them to the street. They pulled a veil over Shia honor, set fire to the mosque and Imamzadeh, insulted the Koran and the flag, and damaged the property of the nation and the government as much as they could. Of course, the lions of policemen and Hezbollah forces, whose foundation was calling for calm and tolerance of protests, confronted them when they saw that the evil had gone too far.

They collected them from the street and extinguished the sedition. Now that the dust of sedition has settled, it is time to investigate who started sedition and with what means, and who in the clothes of artists and religious scholars fanned the fire of sedition, and which officials did nothing or failed to act. He left the enemy in the depths of our homes so that, according to Hazrat Agha, the virtual space becomes the killing ground of our youth.

Hazrat Ayatollah; Students, professors and cultural groups of the domain seriously request the following:

1- The permanent closure of virtual networks that participated in inciting and organizing sedition, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram, etc., all of which target the foundation of the family by promoting corruption and prostitution.

2- Dealing with the officials who laid the groundwork for this sedition by neglecting and ignoring Khamenei regarding the organization of virtual space and the launch of the national internet.

3- Taking serious action against artists and turbans and all those who used their position to spread sedition by abusing the impressionability of the society.

Permanent filter for Instagram and WhatsApp

What is your opinion about the request of seminary members regarding the permanent filter of Instagram and WhatsApp? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section Technology News With duplicate follow.

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