The doubling of the number of people infected with Covid-19 within a week, after a period of calm, has raised concerns about the rising wave of Corona in Iran.

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In recent weeks, Iran had recorded a good situation in terms of the number of infected people and the number of deaths from Corona, and everyone was hoping for the end of the Corona situation and the return of days without masks, at the same time as the number of infected people in some countries increased, Mohammad Mehdi Goya, the head of the Center for Disease Management The Ministry of Health once again announced the concern about the rise of Corona in Iran.

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Corona rising wave in Iran

The head of the disease management center of the Ministry of Health said:

In the last few days, there has been an increase in cases of corona infection and hospitalizations due to this disease in the country.

According to this official of the Ministry of Health, most of the new patients come to medical centers with symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea and vomiting. Mohammad Mahdi Goya stated:

Previously, Omicron’s BA1 and BA2 substrains were common in the country, and now BA5 substrain has been added to them.

The head of the disease management center of the Ministry of Health said:

We are witnessing the increasing trend of corona virus infection in most countries of the world, including neighboring countries, but most of the observed cases are mild.

The rising wave of Corona in Iran;  The number of patients multiplied in a short period of time!

He asked the doctors not to limit themselves to prescribing medicine for people who come with symptoms of corona and to take a corona test from them.

These days, more than 90 cities in Iran are in a yellow corona situation, but the number of corona cases is higher in some provinces. Mohammad Alavi, head of the Khuzestan Health Center, said in an interview on Wednesday, July 8, 1401, referring to the rising trend of corona patients in this province:

If the trend of increasing the number of patients continues, we will see the death of some people in the coming weeks.

At the same time, the head of Khuzestan Health Center emphasized that despite the increase in the number of patients, hospitalizations have not increased. Checking the statistics of daily corona patients in the last week also shows the increasing trend of the number of patients; In the 24 hours ending on Thursday, July 9, three people died due to the disease and 529 new patients were identified.

Meanwhile, the number of infected people on Wednesday, July 8, according to the Ministry of Health, was 441, and the day ended without any deaths. Tuesday, July 7 passed without any deaths and with the identification of 443 new patients. On Monday, July 6, one person died due to corona, but the number of infected people was announced as 352. On Sunday, July 5, 297 new patients were identified, and on Saturday, July 4, the number of new corona patients was 136.

These statistics indicate that the number of confirmed cases of corona disease has increased by four times within a week. However, this statistic only includes confirmed cases of corona disease, which have been tested positive. Many patients refuse to go to medical centers and undergo tests due to mild symptoms of the disease.

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