According to the received news, it seems that the increasing number of patients and the number of people hospitalized due to Corona in the country has become alarming. In the following, we will discuss the details of the rise of Corona in Iran.

If you follow the news of the day, you know that it has been a few weeks since the headquarters of the fight against Corona announced that the Corona has decreased in Iran and the number of deaths has reached zero. But once again, the number of people suffering from this disease has increased and we must take precautions seriously.

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The rise of Corona in Iran

The secretary of the epidemiology and research committee of the national scientific committee to deal with the corona virus said:

It is not far from the expectation that the BA4 and BA5 variants will dominate in our country soon.

Omicron’s BA2 sub-variant and its sub-variants are currently dominant in the world, and for several weeks in a row, BA4 and BA5, which started from the African continent, have gone to America and other parts of the world and are increasing. Currently, BA4 and BA5 are not dominant and most people still argue with Omicron’s BA2.

Among the neighboring countries, we can see that Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Bahrain and Turkey have seen an increase in cases in the last few weeks, and every week they have increased compared to the previous week.

Of course, there is no statistics and report about which variant or subvariant was in those countries, but it can be concluded that with the development of two variants BA4 and BA5 in America and Europe, which have been accurately reported and with the increase of cases have been, our country is probably not safe from this wave.

It should be mentioned that the neighboring countries that had a similar situation to us had a peak with a height of one-fifth to one-sixth of the main peak of Omicron.

That is, if at the peak of our omicron we reached 20,000 infections per day, now it is not far-fetched that our daily infection numbers reach four digits, and double-digit deaths are also not far-fetched, and unfortunately, there is a possibility of that.

The rise of Corona in Iran
The rise of Corona in Iran

Therefore, Viz Health has announced that those who have been five or six months since the first and second doses of vaccination and have not received the third dose are probably at greater risk.

It should also be said that people who are not old, do not have diseases and have injected three doses of vaccine, even if their antibody levels decrease, it seems that they have memory cells based on which the body can react and create immunity.

Therefore, it is better to take the vaccination seriously and try to use masks in places that do not have ventilation, and in places where there are gatherings and people are in contact, we must use masks to prevent the increase in the number of people infected with the corona virus.

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