Probably soon with the unveiling of MIUI 14 In addition to the addition of new features to this operating system, we will see the removal of advertisements for Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi, like Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers Ability to display ads in the user interface He has provided himself. This capability helps to increase the revenues of these companies and reduce the price of their products, but we may soon see a change in this approach. In the following article, we will review the details of the plan to remove ads from Xiaomi phones.

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Plan to remove ads from Xiaomi phones

Since Xiaomi displays ads in its own dedicated user interface MIUI It started, it’s been years. These ads are seen in several applications such as Xiaomi Browser and Mi Video. But apparently, users in some markets – especially India – are more affected by these ads. These ads in Cheap Xiaomi gadgets are seen more.

Removing ads from Xiaomi phones

The possibility of removing ads from Xiaomi phones There is, but not all users are aware of the existence of this option. Xiaomi has tried to simplify this process in MIUI 13, but this policy is expected to undergo significant changes soon. According to a new report, it may become impossible to display ads on Xiaomi products with the unveiling of MIUI 14.

According to a report published by MyDrivers, the new version of MIUI 14 may not contain ads. Xiaomi is trying to increase the appeal of its products to people who have not used Xiaomi products before.

According to this news source, in MIUI 14 there is a special emphasis on removing pre-installed applications. Xiaomi has done a lot in this field for MIUI 13. Xiaomi 12 is also compared to iPhone or Samsung phones It was launched in China with fewer pre-installed apps. Including the gallery, camera and calling feature, there were only 7 pre-installed apps on this phone.

In addition to these changes, various improvements and corrections have been made in MIUI 14 utilities; including clock update, weather application, calendar and a folder display mode to simplify interaction between mobile device and computer. Since the Xiaomi 13 is expected to be unveiled by the end of this month, more information about the interface will be released soon.

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