The release time of the Google folding phone After many rumors about this device, it was announced. Google Pixel Fold is expected to be released in 2023.

Folding smart devices, which have attracted the attention of many users in the last few years, have managed to gain a good position in the market.

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Now, after various rumors, finally The release time of the Google folding phone It was named Pixel Fold. In the following, we are going to go into more details of this news; So stay tuned.

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Google foldable phone release time in the new year

It was supposed to be from 2021 Pixel Fold phone Until now, many news and rumors regarding the release date of Google’s foldable phone have leaked out, but it seems that Google is not yet ready to release its smartphone to the market.

Now, new reports from the New York Times have been published that reveal news and details about this phone. According to the publication of this news, it can be said that the expectations for the fans are finally over Google folding phones will end

According to reliable sources talking to the New York Times, Google Pixel Fold phone Most likely, it will be released in 2023. Perhaps one of the reasons for the delay in the release of this phone is the increase in tension between the United States and China, at the same time as the Corona epidemic in 2020.

The release time of the Google folding phone

It should be noted that due to these tensions, which are still ongoing and have not decreased in intensity, companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, etc. have gradually transferred the production of their devices from China to other countries.

According to PhoneArena, although Google plans to move more than half of its phone production to Vietnam by the end of 2022, it has to keep the production of the Pixel Fold in China.

Because only China is able to assemble the advanced parts and hinges of this device and it is not possible to produce these parts in other countries. However, Samsung, which is one of the largest smart companies, has been able to transfer its production to Vietnam during this period.

The release time of the Google folding phone has been determined

It should be said that due to the progress and upgrade of folding phones and also the existence of extraordinary phones Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold Flip 4 From the Samsung brand and other folding phones such as Oppo Find N Or 2 Mix Fold Xiaomi in the market, 2023 is the last chance for Google to release its first foldable phone.

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