Release date of MacBook Air M2 has been revealed. The laptop was officially unveiled by Apple at the annual WWDC 2022, but its release date was not known.

According to some reliable sources, the release date of MacBook Air 2022 will probably be July 15, coinciding with July 24. The information was leaked to MacRumors, and a retail source apparently confirmed the date. Since retailers and official stores are usually aware of when a product will be available before others ‌, it seems natural to accept this date as the definitive release date of the new MacBook.

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Release date of MacBook Air M2

As we said, July 15 is mentioned as the release date of the newly designed MacBook Air. But it remains to be seen whether Apple will open the pre-sale of this device so that it can be ordered at least a week in advance. Apparently, we will have to wait for a while to answer this question, because many customers are reluctant to buy the new MacBook Pro M2 due to its old design, and most expect a redesigned MacBook Air.

As the name implies, the power supply of this Apple laptop is a powerful M2 chip and its base version is priced at $ 1199. The top version is priced at $ 2,499, with a 10-core processor, 24GB of integrated LPDDR5 RAM and 2TB of PCIe NVMe storage.

The release date of the MacBook Air M2 was revealed along with some of its technical specifications

Of course, this price is without considering Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, so these programs can be added to the whole while visiting the configuration of Apple MacBook Air. One of the most important features of the new series of Apple products is their extraordinary battery life, which is useful for many users.

Apple claims that this device lasts up to 18 hours on a single charge, and even in difficult conditions, it can easily charge up to 16 hours. Of course, if you do not want to spend a lot, the MacBook Air M1 is still available to you, which is priced at $ 999.

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