Not long ago, Samsung officially announced the start of mass production of its 3 nm chips. Now the release date of Samsung’s first 3nm chip has been determined.

Not long ago, Samsung officially launched The start of the production line of 3 nm chips He announced himself. Now this company has announced that on July 25, i.e. August 3, it will release the first shipment of 3nm chips as the world’s most advanced semiconductor. The buyer of the first shipment is apparently a Chinese miner.

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Release date of Samsung’s first 3nm chip

The release date of Samsung's first 3nm chip has been determined

Samsung’s new chips are based on the Gate-All-Around Transistor Architecture (GAA) and are expected to hit the market less than a month after the start of production. A Korean publication has also reported that the first shipment of Samsung’s 3nm chips will be delivered to a cryptocurrency miner based in China.

However, according to several Japanese and Taiwanese news media, Samsung is trying not to rely too much on crypto customers in the long run due to the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

According to Pulse News Korea, the first unveiling ceremony of Samsung’s 3nm chip will be held at the Hwaseong chip manufacturing center in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Lee Chang-yang, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea will also attend this ceremony.

Samsung as part of its competition project with TSMC; The Taiwanese semiconductor giant plans to start production of second-generation 3nm chips by 2023 and 2nm chips by 2025.

The release date of Samsung's first 3nm chip has been determined

On the other hand, it is reported from Taiwan that TSMC plans to start the production of its 3nm chips based on FinFET architecture from the end of this month in August. On the other hand, some rumors indicate that this Taiwanese company plans to start producing its 2nm chips based on GAA manufacturing technology in 2025. Currently, Samsung’s 3nm technology is more advanced than TSMC’s FinFET technology.

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