Warner Bros., who previously had a desire to make a sequel to Godzilla Vs. Kong had said that the release date of Godzilla vs. King Kong 2 had been officially announced.

According to a new Warner Bros. announcement, the Godzilla vs. Kingkunk movie sequel will be released in 2024. So far, not much information about the new episode of this film has been released in the world of Legendary Monsters, but now that the release date has been determined, more details are expected to be revealed over time, and it remains to be seen what confrontation we will see.

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Release date of Godzilla vs. King Kong 2

Godzilla vs. King Konk, released in 2012 under the Corona Pandemic, grossed a whopping $ 100 million. The Warner Bros., surprised by the wave of public interest, quickly set to work on a second version.

The filming of Godzilla vs. King Kong’s sequel is expected to begin in Australia this year, but Legendary and Warner Bros. are currently secretly hiding filming and production.

The release date of Godzilla vs. King Kong 2 has been announced

Wingard, who directed the first film and received great feedback, has also been selected to direct the second version, and as a result is set to work with one of his old actors, Dan Stevens, in the new film. The two had previously worked together on The Guest.

No specific information has been released about Stevens’ character in Godzilla vs. King Kong 2, but he will probably play one of the main characters. It is also unclear whether Godzilla and King Kong will face each other again, ‌ but by the end of the first crossover movie, each creature has taken over a territory, leaving Godzilla as the invincible king of monsters. , King Kong is now free to take over the underground kingdom land previously occupied by his ancestors.

Beyond Godzilla vs. King Kong, Legendary is working on the Godzilla series for Apple TV Plus, which is being directed by Vandavision director Matt Shekman.

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