The spokesperson of the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association while pointing out the uncertainties iPhone 14 phone registration process For now, he advised not to enter and buy these phones.

Mohammad Reza Alian, Spokesperson of the Association of Importers of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Accessorieswhile announcing the news about the non-allocation of currency for the import of iPhone 14 due to the management of foreign exchange resources, he announced: “It seems that if the possibility of importing iPhone 14 If it is provided, it will be very valuable for at least a few months, and that is why this decision has been made.”

He continued because that still iPhone 14 phone registration process Undetermined, he advised the sellers and the public that it is better to avoid buying and selling goods whose registration is ambiguous and does not yet have a registry code. Given that the price iPhone 14 It will be around 50 to 60 million Tomans for buyers in the market of Ayran, the purchase of this mobile phone brings relatively heavy financial consequences for buyers and sellers beyond the legal consequences.

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The ambiguities of the iPhone 14 phone registration process

Alain while expressing the hope of the association to determine the task of the situation iPhone 14 registryadded: “Recently, one of the newspapers and then some sellers quoted me as saying that the iPhone 14 will be registered from December, but this issue has not been raised and it is only predicted that in December, the situation will continue in the form of whether the iPhone 14 will be registered or not.” A decision should be made now.

iPhone 14 phone registration process

He continued while re-announcing the recommendation of the association, and emphasized that until the situation Import iPhone 14 It is not specified, it is better not to buy and sell this product.

So far, not a single iPhone 14 has been registered in Iran. According to the information provided by trade unions, it is estimated that there are about 25 thousand iPhone 14 in the country.

Spokesperson of the Association of Importers of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Accessories A month ago, from the smuggling and a passenger The iPhone 14 phones that are currently in the market announced that these phones are not registered and the status of registration or not is not known.

According to him, any goods imported by passenger method can be registered if it is declared in the customs, but if it is not declared, it is illegal and subsequently it will not be registered. But for now, the main issue is that whether or not the iPhone 14 will be registered at all has not yet been determined.

At the end, Alian said about the entry of goods through the passenger method: “Of course, if a product is legally imported through the passenger method, it is not allowed for commercial use and should not be bought and sold.” But there is a legal gap in this field. For this reason, it was suggested that for at least six months it is not possible to transfer the ownership of the goods imported through the passenger procedure, in order to solve this problem.

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