The record of Farsi Instagram likes in the name of Ali Daei it is registered. This record is related to the post of Shahriar of Iranian football regarding the rejection of FIFA’s invitation to attend Qatar.

The pages of famous Iranian faces have set special records in recent years. For example, Amir Tatlo Instagram comment record or Instagram live record Farsi belongs to Adel Ferdosipour’s report for the Asian Club Cup final between Iran’s Persepolis and Osan Hyundai. But from Ali Daei’s record breaking on Instagram what do we know

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The record of Farsi Instagram likes in the name of Ali Daei

Ali Daei, the international, popular and popular legend of Iranian football, who is perhaps the most popular celebrity in Iran these days, recently with a post An Instagram record registered in his name. Of course, such records have no value for Shahriar of Iranian football, who owns many sports records, but they are interesting for his fans.

Mr. Daei, who as a legend of Iranian football was present at the World Cup group round draw ceremony, was recently invited by FIFA to represent Iran in Qatar, but he chose to stay in Iran due to the country’s conditions.

The record of Persian Instagram likes in the name of Ali Daei;  How many million likes does Shahriar's post have?
Ali Dai’s post likes record on Instagram

This issue was officially published by Mr. Daei on his Instagram page and until now the post related to it has received 3 million 184 thousand 520 likes. The important thing is that this post set such a record on Ali Daei’s 11 million page 6 days after its publication, while pages with more followers are not even close to such a number. now Farsi Instagram like record for Ali Daei Is.

This post so far 500 thousand comments has also received The text of the post is as follows:

Greetings to my dear and honorable compatriots

In these days when most of us are not feeling well, I said no to the official invitation of FIFA and the Qatar Football Federation to attend the World Cup with my wife and daughters. These days they have lost to announce.

Hoping for bright days for Iran and Iranians

Ali Daei

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