One of the issues that concern many iPhone users is that their phones are not charging. If you are also faced with this problem, definitely look for it The reason for not charging the iPhone you turn Do not worry at all, because the solutions to this problem are very simple. So, stay with us to find out the reasons for this and teach you how to fix it.

What is the reason for the iPhone not charging?

Phone not charging can have various reasons. From problems related to the charging cable and Lightning port to software or even hardware issues! Considering that you cannot tell from the appearance of the device, the reason why the iPhone is not charging, our advice is to try all the solutions given in this article one after the other and see which method worked for you.

Why doesn’t the iPhone charge more than 80%?

As you must have noticed, you can see that your device gets a little warm while charging. As the temperature of the iPhone battery increases, the smart software of this phone starts working and limits the battery charge to 80%. In fact, this action is done in order to extend the useful life of your device’s battery, and when the battery cools down, the charging process starts again.

Therefore, if iOS 13 or higher versions are installed on your phone, it is normal to experience this charging limit. To continue this process, you can wait for the battery to cool down, move your device to a cooler place, or if you are working with your mobile phone, don’t use it for a few minutes.

Why doesn't the iPhone charge more than 80%?

How to fix the reason why the iPhone is not charging?

Now that we have talked about the causes of this issue, it is time to address its solutions and explain the ways to fix this problem. In the rest of this section, we will discuss 6 simple and practical solutions to the problem of not charging the phone.

1. Turn off and on your device once

You may not believe it, but restarting is one of the easiest ways to solve device problems. So if your phone still has enough charge, turn it off and on again and see what the result is. If you find that your iPhone still won’t charge, try the next solutions in this article.

Restart the iPhone

2. Do not charge your iPhone wirelessly

If you have an iPhone X or higher models, the easiest way to troubleshoot why your iPhone won’t charge is to use the traditional charging cable method to charge your device. So take the phone out of the wireless charging case, plug it into the lightning cable and see if it charges.

If the phone charges, congratulations! The problem is probably with your wireless charging case and you need to show it to a professional repairman. But if your problem still persists, read on.

3. Check the Lightning port

If your device does not charge with the Lightning cable, give the possibility that the reason for the iPhone not charging is that it is not clean or the Lightning port is faulty. To solve this problem, it is enough to check this port carefully. If you see dust and debris in this area, clean it with a non-metallic object such as a toothpick and then charge your phone again. Be careful to do the cleaning process gently and not damage the Lightning port! If you see a break in the Lightning port section, you should take the cable to a professional to repair it.

iPhone lightning cable

4. Check your charging cable carefully

If you’ve been using Apple devices for a long time, you’ve probably seen the cover of your charging cable getting scratched. If you see that the cover of your charging cable is corroded and lost, it may be the reason that the iPhone is not charging because of this issue. So the easiest way is to throw away your old cable and use a new original cable.

Of course, you should also know that sometimes these cables look completely healthy from the outside, but from the inside, due to being hit, bent, or other reasons, they have interruptions and problems. If you use non-original charging cables, you need to know that these cables will never have the quality of original Apple cables and may fail sooner or later. So now charge your phone with another good charging cable and see if your problem is solved or not. If your answer is still no, please read on.

5. Also check the source with which you are charging the phone

Right now, carefully check the source you use to charge your phone. If you connect your phone to your laptop with a charging cable, try connecting the cable to a different USB port this time. Because one of the USB ports of your laptop may be out of order and the root of the problem is from there.

If the problem persists, charge your iPhone directly with the charging cable and AC adapter. If you have always charged your device directly in the same way, change its AC adapter this time and see if your problem is solved or not.

6. Update your iPhone’s operating system

It is interesting to know that updating the iPhone operating system can solve many such problems. So if you haven’t updated your device to the latest version of iOS, do it now and try this practical solution.

Update iOS

last word

We hope that by following the tips of this article, The reason for not charging the iPhone have found yourself If you are still having problems, we suggest you take your device to a professional repairer. Can you think of another solution to solve this problem that we have not mentioned here? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to share your experience with us and other IPS users in the comment section.

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