The Minister of Communications is aware of the follow-up The reason for removing Iranian applications from Google Play It seems unlikely to reach an answer in international forums!

The Minister of Communications of the 13th government, which was sanctioned by both the United States and the European Union, in response to the publication of the news Removal of 5 Iranian applications from Google Play He said that he will pursue the rights of Iranian companies and users through international forums!

He said that on the one hand, they will cancel the sanctions in the field of information technology for the people of Iran, and on the other hand, they will limit the access to services that he claims are “popular in Iran” which are “the result of the efforts of elite Iranian youth” in the “Knowledge” companies!

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International pursuit of the reason for the removal of Iranian applications from Google Play

Zarepoor in response to Removal of several Iranian messengers from Google Play In a note published in Messenger Yes, emphasizing that the relevant deputies have been ordered to follow up on the situation, he said:

“In interaction with the knowledge-based companies that own these platforms, we will examine the technical and legal aspects of this issue to implement appropriate measures.”

This is the second time Iranian programs are removed from international platforms such as Google Play And the national authorities have announced a follow-up about it. Previously, Mohammad Javad Zarif Remove Iranian programs had called it illegitimate.

The reason for removing Iranian applications from Google Play;  The Minister of Communications announced the international follow-up!

Another example is related to September of last year, when following the removal of Filmo, Aparat and Beled from Google Play, the Ministry of Communications announced in a statement with the cooperation of other institutions such as the National Center for Cyberspace, the Presidential Legal Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from all Legal and political capacities and solutions will pursue the rights of Iranian platforms in relevant international forums. At that time, no specific news about the follow-up result was published, and now this situation has been repeated once again.

Now, with the removal of Soroush, Yes, iGap, Snap and Tapsi from Google Play, the Minister of Communications once again from international pursuit. The reason for removing Iranian apps from Google Play has said

Although Google probably in its emails to app developers, to The reason for removing Iranian applications from Google Play In his note in Yes, the Minister of Communications criticized the monopolistic actions of the world’s big technology companies and announced:

The owners of some prominent platforms in the world, who consider themselves the exclusive owners of the information technology field, have tried to prevent the growth and development of technology in dear Iran by adopting monopolistic policies and multiple standards.

In his reaction to this issue, he reminded that this is not the first time that foreigners use sanctions on the people of Iran and even the whole world. [!؟] are deprived of the blessing of using the products made by the young experts of this country [!؟] has said:

“The repetition of this issue in the current situation, when Iranian platforms have developed well in various fields and people have shown interest in using them, strengthens the suspicion that such decisions are political.”

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