Recently, real images of Redmi Pad 5G have been published by a leaker. If this tablet is introduced, we will see the release of the first Redmi tablet.

According to the rumors that have been published so far, the official name of this device is not yet known; But this device is likely to be called Redmi Pad 5G according to the MIUI 13 survey in China. Reports indicate that the Redmi tablet was approved by the 3C authority in China earlier this month. Recently, live images of Redmi Pad 5G have been published on the Weibo social network.

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Real images of Redmi Pad 5G

Although not much information about the first Redmi tablet has been revealed yet, according to the images of the Redmi Pad 5G, it can be said that this device is equipped with a metal panel that has a camera on the back. It is also said that this tablet with model number 22081281AC was approved by 3C and CMIIT authorities in June 2022 (12 June 1401).

Live images of Redmi Pad 5G

The CMIIT certification shows that the device has 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Also, according to the 3C certificate, it can be said that this tablet uses a 67-watt charge. Of course, as we mentioned before, it is not yet clear whether this device with model number 22081281AC will be released with the same name as Redmi Pad 5G or not.

It should be mentioned that Redmi Pad 5G comes with one of the low-power MediaTek chips; But if the pro version of this tablet is produced, a powerful chipset will probably be used in it. It also seems that this device will use the MIUI Lite software, which is suitable for budget devices.

Reports suggest that the company is working on four tablets for the Chinese market. The L81A model number, abbreviated as 22081281AC, appears to be for the Redmi Pad 5G device, while the L81, L82, and L83 model numbers are for the Xiaomi Pad 6, Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro, and Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro 5G, respectively. Finally, we have to say that Redmi Pad 5G is likely to be unveiled in India soon.

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