Restriction of Iranian applications by Google It angered the Ministry of Communications. The Ministry of Communications has issued a strong statement in this regard.

Restricting Iranian applications Caused by Google Ministry of Communications issue an official statement. In part of this statement, the Ministry of Communications announced its support for the country’s information technology ecosystem and stood fully behind Iranian platforms and companies developing services in the field of digital economy.

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Restriction of Iranian applications by Google

During the recent events in the country, some foreign companies such as Google, They have imposed restrictions on Iranian programs. This has led to the restriction of Iranian applications by Google and other technology companies abroad.

A few days ago, Google in a surprising action of the application “Rubik’s» removed from your store and this Iranian social network particle for direct object introduced a spy tool. When users install Rubika, Google displays a message that identifies the software as dangerous and recommends that you remove it immediately.

Restriction of Iranian applications by Google

In another move, Instagram which belongs to the company “Meta” or the former Facebook, strangely limited the keywords “Artam and Arsham”, two young brothers in the terrorist incident of Shahcheragh.

Also, in another strange act in 1998 and at the time of death Sardar Soleimani It happened, Instagram was removing his photos and posts from their platform.

During the restriction Iranian applications It should be said by Google that in the past few hours, there have been reports by Internet users and information channels on social networks that the Fidibo application is not safe by Google Play It was published that contained claims that Google Play had issued a warning to Fidibo, an audiobook and e-book publishing startup, a claim denied by the program’s administrators.

But in continuation of these margins that were published in the past days, today Ministry of Communications He issued his reaction in the form of a sharp statement.

This statement was published by the Ministry of Communications in a situation where, although previously Iranian users were facing slow speed and disruption to access the international Internet, over the past month and a half, access to a significant number of foreign applications, especially Instagram and WhatsApp Due to Filtering It is almost impossible.

Restriction of Iranian applications by Google

The full text of this statement is as follows:

In recent days, we have seen a new wave of unusual restrictions on American platforms in the face of social events and native programs of dear Iran. Removal of content and hashtags related to the oppressed martyrs of the terrorist incident of the Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh (a.s.) on American platforms and specifically removing content related to the oppressed children, Artin and Arsham, and on the other hand, allowing the publication and even promotion of provocative videos containing violence Ayan has revealed a new level of double standard of these platforms in the interpretation of freedom of expression and human rights.

Also, the Google Play platform belonging to the Google company, using its exclusive position in Android phones and without prior notice in an unusual action, has started the process of limiting some of the most used Iranian programs and platforms under the pretext of protecting the privacy of users. This irresponsible action has been taken regarding popular Iranian programs that are mainly the result of the efforts of the elite youth of this region and have been welcomed by millions of users, while according to the investigations of this ministry, the above programs have not received any prior warning from Google. and despite the fact that they have immediately protested against this irresponsible behavior, they have not received any response from Google. It is necessary to explain that the mentioned measures are not limited to one or two news-making programs and have been applied to several other Iranian applications in the past two weeks.

However, despite the political background of the unilateral actions of American companies, as well as the emphasis of the developers of these platforms on compliance with professional principles according to international standards, the suspicion that this action of Google is political is very colorful, but due to the importance of the issue and the maximum protection of users’ rights. Iran, against any possible negligence or fault, the Minister of Communications has ordered that if the documents claimed by Google regarding Iranian platforms are received, a committee consisting of expert and independent technical experts will be formed to investigate these claims in detail and the results of the investigations will be made public and Especially related devices, including the National Center for Cyberspace.

According to its legal duties and mission in supporting the country’s information technology ecosystem, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology stands fully behind Iranian platforms and companies that develop services in the field of digital economy, and will not allow anti-Iranian decisions and standards. The two American companies will marginalize the efforts of the youth of this region to meet the technological needs of the people, and will use all their technical and legal capacities to protect the rights of Iranian users.

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