At Ranking of the best employers in the world Once again, the Korean company Samsung took first place. Stay with Tekrato for more information.

Forbes economic magazine, which is published every two weeks and is known for publishing important and economic lists; In the latest version to Ranking of the best employers in the world Paid.

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The ranking of the best employers in the world was published; Samsung beat Apple

This is the third year in a row that Forbes economic magazine named Samsung as “the best employer in the world”. Forbes to publish the list Ranking of the best employers in the world He has interviewed more than 150,000 employees in 800 companies operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries.

The ranking of the best employers in the world was published;  Samsung beat Apple

During a survey, Forbes asked employees to rate their willingness to recommend employers to family and friends. But employee rating of companies includes things like economic impact, gender equality, accountability and talent development. Among the different companies, the employees of the Korean company Samsung were among the people who had the most job satisfaction. Top five employers in the world According to Forbes economic magazine, it is as follows:

1. Samsung South Korea 266,673
2. Microsoft America 221,000
3. IBM America 250,000
4. Alphabet America 156,500
5. Apple America 154,000

Prohibiting companies from participating in surveys to increase the credibility of surveys

According to Forbes, companies from participating in the survey Ranking of the best employers in the world were banned and this action was also to increase the credibility of the survey. Also, the identity of the participants in the Forbes survey remains anonymous.

Forbes has talked about the “great resignation” phenomenon in his explanations. The big resignation means the beginning of a phenomenon where a large number of employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs, and this phenomenon is still going strong. The beginning of this phenomenon was in early 2021.

More than ever, employees seem to value better pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement and work-life balance.

In the Forbes survey, the Korean company Samsung with 266,673 employees was named the best employer according to this magazine. In this survey, Samsung has managed to perform better than Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, and Adobe to win the first place. Also, Samsung was announced as the best employer for new employees in the Forbes survey.

In the Forbes ranking, Microsoft became the second best employer in the world after Samsung. Apple ranked fifth, lower than IBM and Alphabet and higher than companies like Dell and Adobe.

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