Unveiling of electronic check It will be done by the end of November. The Governor of Central Bank of Dushanbe announced November 21 as the date of the unveiling of the first electronic check.

Unveiling the electronic check by the end of November According to the announcement Governor General of the Central Bank It will be done on November 21. From now on, you can refer to the “Chekad” system to implement an electronic check. In the first stage of implementation, there are three banks, Tejarat, Saderat and Parsian, and gradually other banks will be added to this list.

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Unveiling the electronic check by the end of November

Governor General of the Central BankAli Salehabadi announced on the sidelines of the meeting of the government delegation that on Saturday with the presence of Minister of Mining Industry and Trade And also the Minister of Economy and Finance Electronic check The country will be exploited.

Electronic check is the last stage of implementation Amendment of the Czech law It is possible with the implementation and implementation of the Chekad system Electronic check issuance will also be provided.

Unveiling the electronic check by the end of November

This project will start with three banks, Tejarat, Saderat and Parsian, and gradually the country’s banks will be connected to it if they are ready. The Central Bank published the draft of the document “Requirements, Rules and Implementation Processes of Electronic Checks” in May 2018, and now, after almost 3 years have passed, its implementation has begun before it is issued and put into operation. Electronic check Mahhak system that is related to Integrated system of returned checks It was also put into operation in September 1401.

Although the process Electronic check issuance It is exactly the same as a paper check; That is, in order to issue an electronic check, first the check status of the people is checked and then permission is given Issuance of checkbook Is issued or check information when issued on Fisherman system It will be registered and finally if the check is bounced, the system will send information about the bounced check to all banks, but the process of issuing it will be simpler due to the duality of the check issuing process in the current situation.

Electronic check on check system or the digital safe check system is issued, the Checad system provides about 30 online services to its users; It is possible to activate the service, request a check book, issue a digital check, collect intra-bank and inter-bank checks, transfer checks, guarantee digital checks, cancel and block checks, and view the received checks in the checkbook. Using the check system, a paper check is not delivered to the customer and all processes can be done offline and on a mobile phone or computer.

The main prerequisite for an electronic check Electronic signature In the current situation, electronic check applicants can receive their electronic signature from all intermediate centers below the root center.

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