As you know, Black Panther is one of the most popular Marvel characters that has attracted many fans. Now it seems that the production of Black Panther game has been confirmed by EA.

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Not long ago, Jeff Grubb announced the creation of a unique work from the world of action based on Marvel’s Black Panther character and shared a lot of information about this project. According to the published information, this interesting game will be published by the big company Electronic Arts.

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Black Panther game

In the latest published news, Jeff Grubb, who is considered one of the most important journalists in the game industry, announced the development of a story-oriented, action-oriented and open-world work centered on the character of Black Panther.

Apparently, this unique game is going to be made in a newly established studio headed by Kevin Stephens (Kevin Stephens), who previously headed the Monolith Productions team, and will be published through EA.

Black Panther game
Black Panther game / Black Panther game

It should also be said that this wonderful work will be a huge game that will never use live-service components. According to Jeff Grubb, this product has received the green light from EA following the success of Starwars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Grubb claims that in the Black Panther game, players take control of a character who, following the death of the previous Black Panther, wants to earn this title through training and effort and become the new Black Panther of Wakanda. In general, complete information about the Black Panther game has not yet been obtained and we have to wait for the official introduction of this game.

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