These days, with the increase in corona virus infections and deaths, American officials are looking for a new way to produce a new and more resistant generation of corona vaccine.

Stat News, an American health-focused news website, reported on Monday that the White House plans to accelerate the production and development of the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines. These upcoming vaccines are supposed to offer more and longer protection, both against serious illness and death, and against infection and transmission of the virus.

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Production of a new and more resistant generation of corona vaccine by the White House

Federal officials, researchers and representatives of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna will meet today at a White House meeting to discuss the next steps in vaccine development. It is not yet clear whether US President Biden, who is currently infected with Covid-19, will attend the meeting.

The currently available vaccines have good resistance to covid-19 and protect most people from severe illness or death from covid-19. But the emergence of new strains of the virus, such as different types of Omicron, has reduced the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing infection and disease.

Because of this, pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration are working on new vaccines that target different types of omicrons. However, experts believe that producing different vaccines based on virus types is not a good and sustainable method.

In an interview with Stat News, Ashish Jha said that the White House is pursuing two new approaches and methods to develop next-generation vaccines. One of them is the production of a vaccine that will be available as a nasal spray. This vaccine blocks the virus right when it enters the body by creating an immune response.

A new and more resistant generation of corona vaccine

Another way is to create a vaccine that targets parts of the virus that are common among different strains, so that it will remain effective even against mutated viruses. Ashish Jha also stated that both methods are very difficult scientific challenges and that nasal spray vaccines for COVID-19 are still in the experimental stage.

In addition, the necessary investment to advance the production of the next generation of vaccines is another challenge that researchers face. Currently, the White House is trying to find the funds needed to fight against Covid-19 and develop a vaccine. Unfortunately, the Republican lawmakers have blocked the way to try to provide more funding, and on the other hand, the Democratic leadership is trying to find a way forward in this field.

What is clear is that, without new approaches and methods for vaccination, public health efforts to combat the virus, which still kills more than 400 people a day in the United States, will be ineffective.

Ashish Jha told Stat News about this: “This virus is constantly evolving, so we have to think about the evolution of resistance methods along with it, and we really need a serious progress in this field.”

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