The car market in Iran is experiencing an unstable situation. In recent years, with the increase in the exchange rate, the prices of cars have also gone up. Daily price of Iran Khodro products and also Daily price of Saipa products They follow the current situation in the market. In continuation with duplicate Stay tuned to review Today’s car price is 26 October let’s pay

With the increase in the price of cars, people are disappointed in buying Iranian cars, and in addition to the price of cars, the lack of variety and low quality of products are also among the reasons for people’s disappointment in operating in this market. Vehicle price With the start of the new season this year, it has not been stable.

Due to lack of technology and lack of parts, car manufacturers are going through a difficult path to produce this Iranian product. This has caused the price of domestic products to increase.

Daily price of Iran Khodro products Today, October 26, 1401, follows the process of the previous days. In the future, stay with us to check the price of the car today, 26 Mehr, according to the prices of the open market and dealers.

Today’s car price is 26 October

Activity in Iran’s economic market is disappointing and fruitless due to sanctions and high exchange rate. The government, in cooperation with car manufacturers, is holding various sales plans to increase supply and demand in the car market. Next, we will review the prices of Iran Khodro and Saipa products. Stay tuned with Tekrato.

Daily price of Iran Khodro products

car Factory price market price
Arisan double van 2019
Simple LX model 1401 354,000,000
Samand LX EF7 model 1400 322,000,000
Samand LX dual model 1400 415,000,000
Samand Soren ELX 280,000,000
Normal Dana model 1401
Dena plus turbo gear
Dena plus automatic turbo 485,000,000
Peugeot 405 GLX 295,000,000
Peugeot Pars model 1401, new XU7P engine
Peugeot Pars 1400 model 295,000,000
Peugeot 207 gears 402,000,000
Peugeot 207 automatic 547,000,000
Rana Plus 1401
Rana Plus 1400
Tara gear 1401
Peugeot 206 type 2 model 1401 150,343,000 305,000,000
Peugeot 206 type 5 model 2019 365,000,000
Peugeot 206 cashier model 1400 380,000,000
Peugeot 206 cashier model 2019 355,000,000
Haima S5 Automatic 1400 805,000,000
Haima S5 Automatic 1401
Haima S7 Turbo 1400
Suzuki Grand Vitara automatic 1,720,000,000
Suren Plus 1400 325,000,000
Soren Plus 2019

Daily price of Saipa products

car Factory price market price
Pride 111 204,000,000
Pride 131 184,000,000
Pride 132 182,000,000
Pride 151 model 1400 169,000,000
Saipa 151 plus model 1400 185,000,000
Tiba SX model 2019
Tiba 2 EX model 1401 203,000,000
Tiba 2 Plus 210,000,000
Saina EX model 1400 197,000,000
Quick gear 1401
Quick R Model 1400 204,000,000
Citroen C3 1,330,000,000
Changan CS35 630,000,000
Zamiyad 1400 van
What is Serato? 1,790,000,000
Sorrento 3,950,000,000
Hawk G 340,000,000
Quick S Model 1400 213,000,000
Quick Plus 1401
Yes 500,000,000

Daily analysis of car prices

Creating a competitive atmosphere between the two top Iranian automobile manufacturing groups can, in addition to increasing domestic sales, also increase foreign sales and exports to neighboring countries and the Middle East.

The pricing of national cars is one of the problems that if automakers try to make it fair, the amount of people’s demand for buying Iranian cars will increase.

One of the demands that people always have from the government is to improve the quality of cars and reduce the price of domestic cars. If the cars are sold at the real price, the demand will increase and in the future we will see the economic development of the automobile industry.

According to statistics, in the last few days, the car market has witnessed a noticeable decrease and increase in the price of some cars, and if it can implement a targeted policy in the meantime, it will provide price stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the demand of car manufacturers to increase the price?

It seems that the main reason for this request by car manufacturers is to increase liquidity to produce more products, because according to official statistics, car manufacturers are currently producing their products at a loss. According to a car market expert, the main problem is the government’s request from loss-making companies for increase production It has no reasonable justification. On the other hand, the government’s intervention in the car pricing process also had a great impact on this loss, and under these conditions, the car manufacturer should not be expected to produce 1 million 600 thousand cars annually.

What is the price inquiry for zero cars?

The prices of all cars are inquired daily from dealers and the market.

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