The price of the car today, August 13; Price list of Iran Khodro and Saipa products

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The current market situation is not encouraging. Most of the products and parts have experienced a sudden increase in price, and the amount of demand from the people has also decreased. Nationally produced cars, like other products in the market, have obeyed the law of price increase and have caused dissatisfaction among the consumers of this group of goods. Daily price of Iran Khodro products and also Daily price of Saipa products could not have stable stability. In continuation with duplicate Stay tuned to review Today’s car price is August 13 let’s pay

The lack of balance in the supply of goods and determining the price of goods causes a lack of supply and demand. In such a situation, both the supply and demand groups will have problems and they will no longer have the desire to work and even improve the existing situation. With a short and fleeting look at Vehicle price We notice the amount of supply and demand and the imbalance in the pricing of these products.

November Teter

The non-importation of foreign and luxury cars increased national production, but this issue could not be implemented as it should and create relative advantages among the people. The production of low-quality domestic cars and the lack of international standards has reduced the demand from the people.

By launching various systems and lottery schemes, automobile companies promised to buy a car for every Iranian, regardless of the fact that existing cars of low quality and high prices were released in the market.

The majority of those who participate in these plans are from the middle class of society, and as a result, the government has not been able to create a way for low-income groups to provide cars. After some time, buyers of Iranian cars are dissatisfied with the quality and parts used, which has caused a decrease in demand.

The lack of car parts and the absence and use of new technologies have caused the daily price of the car to increase until it has affected the price of the car today, August 13, and has not been able to stabilize the price of the car.

Daily price of Iran Khodro products August 13 of this year, because of the previous months, it could not face much price reduction. In the future, stay with us to check the price of the car today, August 13, according to the prices of the open market and dealers.

Today’s car price is August 13

The presence of factors such as sanctions and exchange rates have caused an imbalance in car prices, which encourages people to buy cars by participating in lottery schemes. In the following, we will review the prices of Iran Khodro and Saipa products, stay with us.

Daily price of Iran Khodro products

car Factory price market price
Arisan van 257,000,000
Samand LX 160,547,000 315,000,000
Samand EF7 Model 1401 350,000,000
Samand EF7 Hybrid 169,162,000 425,000,000
Samand Soren ELX 305,000,000
Dana type one 206,048,000 409,000,000
Dena plus turbo gear 345,855,000 493,000,000
Dena plus automatic turbo 398,229,000 508,000,000
Peugeot 405 GLX 293,000,000
Peugeot Pars model 1401 169.233.3000 327,000,000
Peugeot Pars 1400 model 385,000,000
Peugeot 207 gears 215,828,000 396,000,000
Peugeot 207 automatic 600,000,000
Rana LX 265,000,000
Rana Plus 214,898,000 300,000,000
Rib cage 293.035.900 455,000,000
Peugeot 206 type 2 model 1401 150,175,000 303,000,000
Peugeot 206 type 5 model 2019 360,000,000
Peugeot 206 cashier model 1400 375,000,000
thunder E2 Model 98 500,000,000
Peugeot 2008 1,400,000,000
Haima S5 turbo 788,000,000
Haima S7 turbo 915,000,000
Suzuki Grand Vitara automatic 1,710,000,000
Peugeot 508 2,150,000,000
Suren Plus 242,524,000 345,000,000

Daily price of Saipa products

car Factory price market price
Pride 111 205,000,000
Pride 131 187,000,000
Pride 132 185,000,000
Pride 151 model 1400 150,564,000 180,000,000
Saipa 151 plus model 1400 189,000,000
Tiba 119,926,000 202,000,000
Tiba 2 126,164,000 208,000,000
Tiba 2 Plus 210,000,000
Saina rib Ex 123,932,000 207,000,000
Quick gear 168,061,000 208,000,000
Quick gear R Model 1400 177,234,000 218,000,000
Citroen C3 1,300,000,000
Changan CS35 640,000,000
Zamiyad van 257,688,000 335,000,000
Kia Cerato 2000 1,250,000,000
Yes 490,000,000
Hawk G 344,580,000 365,000,000
Quick gear S Model 1400 183,876,000 230,000,000
Quick Automatic Plus 277,086,000 315,000,000
Tiba cash register plus 195,000,000

Daily analysis of car prices

Large automobile companies in Iran have been trying to produce world-class products for several years and are trying to provide cars with the highest standard level, but despite these efforts, we still see the low quality of cars.

The creation of various car sales schemes has led to the activity of profiteers in this market, in such a way that the justice in having an Iranian car is no longer seen for all sections of the society.

In addition to all these cases, the law of non-importation of cars has once again caused the car market to slow down. Not long ago, when the parliament released the car import liberalization plan, the price gradient decreased and the market settled down a bit and calmed down.

With the liberalization of car imports, we will see a decrease in the price of nationally produced cars. Of course, car companies must be able to produce cars that have high quality and be able to compete with similar foreign models in order to encourage people to buy national cars.

The government should look for new ways to sell nationally produced cars so that it can increase the GDP per capita and create an opening to enter the commercial market of neighboring countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the restrictions have been lifted for non-raffle cars?

According to the previous law, not having an active license plate for up to 2 years was one of the requirements and conditions for car registration, or the buyer could not sell his car according to the peace agreement. Also, the applicant could not participate in the lottery if he had bought a car from one of the car manufacturers in the last 48 months. But now these restrictions have been removed for cars that are not included in the lottery.

What cars are excluded from the lottery scheme?

Cars will be removed from the lottery process if their supply exceeds their demand. With the implementation of this plan, the market will automatically reach equilibrium and there will be no need to establish new regulations.

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