Video calling has increased among people despite the coronavirus pandemic. Now it is possible to broadcast live Google Meet meetings on YouTube.

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There is an option called live streaming for Google Workplace admins. This option has several layers of protection, by enabling it, the administrator can manage business accounts. This management is to ensure users and Google officials that there is no possibility of accidentally entering the live broadcast of the call and that the weekly stand-up does not turn into a meeting.

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The ability to broadcast live Google Meet meetings on YouTube

The possibility of live broadcasting of Google Meet sessions on YouTube was provided

Live streaming of Google Meet meetings on YouTube will be enabled for most paid Workplace accounts and individual Workplace subscribers, enterprise levels (starter, standard, and plus), Education Plus, Education and Learning Enhancement, and Google One Premium plan members, but there are still people Those in the Basic, Basic, Legacy, or Essential packages do not have access to this new feature.

If, as a user, you want to hold a Google Meet meeting live on YouTube, you must apply to YouTube in advance to hold this meeting and approve it. It may even take up to 24 hours for YouTube to approve it. Also, users can change the duration of the broadcast from the privacy settings section. In addition to that support page, it displays the complete list to do all the streams.

Other changes to Google Meet this year include integration with Google Duo, which is used for voice and video calls in a single center.

The possibility of live broadcasting of Google Meet sessions on YouTube was provided

In June 2021, an update was made for teachers in Google Meet. The update also includes streaming events like school board meetings on YouTube. Now this option is available to everyone. However, for eligible accounts, it may take some time.

Features such as improvements to rooms and “video lock” which involves turning off or even muting videos all at once have also been made since then.

In the update of the Google Meet interface, features such as: adding a bar for all Meet controls, removing seeing your face all the time, pinning and unpinning content can be seen. In March, Google introduced small changes such as picture-in-picture and emoji.

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