According to the study of the global recruitment platform Deel, the popularity of digital currency payments is more popular among residents of the United States than residents of other regions of the world.

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According to Dale’s study, South Americans are more willing to receive their salaries in Bitcoin than anywhere else in the world. Residents of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) have also taken the second place in this regard.

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In which countries are digital currency payments more popular?

Dell Research estimates that 67% of all global cryptocurrency payments between January 2022 and June 2022 were made in Latin America. This statistic shows the high popularity of digital currencies in Latin countries. South America is full of countries that are struggling with severe financial, economic and social crises.

For example, Venezuela’s economy has been in a downward spiral for years. The inflation rate in this country is higher than the global inflation rate and a significant part of the local Venezuelan population is unemployed. El Salvador, which is the first country to accept Bitcoin as an official and legal currency, is currently considered the most violent country in the region. Since the beginning of 2022, an average of 52 people out of every 100,000 citizens of El Salvador have been murdered.

The popularity of digital currency payments in South America compared to other regions of the world!

The popularity of digital currency payments is also very high in the countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa region (known as EMEA). This region also includes many countries that have deep economic and financial problems. About 24% of all digital currency transactions were made in this area during the mentioned period.

The results of Deel’s research show that operations related to digital assets experience greater growth in distressed economies. Many residents of these areas do not have basic access to financial services, and cryptocurrencies are an important and key alternative to the banking system of these countries.

The most traded cryptocurrency on the market is Bitcoin (BTC). The largest cryptocurrency in the market accounts for about 47% of all transactions. Stablecoins USDC and Ethereum (ETH) also took the second and third places with 29% and 14%, respectively.

In addition to Dale, other companies such as Ripple also conducted extensive research on the level of interest of different people in the world to cryptocurrencies. Ripple’s research also shows that residents of Latin America have shown the greatest interest in digital assets.

50% of users believe that cryptocurrency will have a significant impact on the future economic system of mankind. 74% of users also stated that they would be willing to work with businesses that convert employee salaries to Bitcoin or altcoins.

Citizens of Middle Eastern countries are also optimistic about digital currencies. 67% of these people prefer to trade with people who are active in the cryptocurrency market. People participating in the survey are most likely to be familiar with the financial markets and invest in them personally. Some users trust banks more and distribute their wealth in digital assets of authorized financial institutions.

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