Royal Society Photography Award which is held annually; In the scientific photography section, this time in the hands of an Iranian photographer; Babak Tafarshi was placed.

Babak Tafarshi By photographing the night sky, he won the British Royal Society Photography Award. Since 1878, this prestigious award has been awarded annually to those who have made the greatest impact in various fields, including art, science, and photography.

Babak Tafarshi also with Photography of the night sky Over the past 25 years, National Geographic has made a tremendous impact on photography. Tafarshi has made a great effort by photographing the sky in different continents in the field of introducing the beauty of the night sky and dealing with the spread of light pollution.

In the video introducing this photographer as the winner of the photography award of the Royal Society of England, his efforts to communicate between different cultures using the common effects of the night sky are also appreciated.

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British Royal Society photography award in the hands of Babak Tafarshi

On his Instagram page, Tafarshi said about the excitement of receiving the Royal Society of England photography award and wrote: “I am excited to receive the 2022 Royal Society of Photography award.”

In introducing this award, he also wrote: “Now in the 144th year [اهدای این جایزه]”The Royal Photographic Society Award is one of the oldest photography awards and one of the most important in the world.”

Royal Society Photography Award

Tafarshi was so fascinated by the night sky that in his youth and in 2007 The world at night program (Twan) and has been managing this program since the same year. More than 40 photographers from more than 20 different countries participate in this program, many of whom are among the most famous night sky photographers in the world. Other achievements of Tafarshi can be printed The world at night book Cited. This book was published in 2019 and has been translated into different languages.

Received the Royal Society of England Photography Award It is not the only prestigious award that Tafarshi has received. Throughout the years of activity, Babak Tafarshi has won numerous other prestigious awards, such as the “Wayfinder National Geographic” award in 2020 and the “Lennart-Nielsen” award in 2009.

Royal Society Photography Award

Among the important people who congratulated Tafarshi on receiving this award; Kamek Ebadi, a robotics researcher, is a member of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a member of NASA’s Artemis program. While congratulating him on his Instagram, he published a memory of Babak Tafarshi: “Congratulations to my old friend Babak for winning the prestigious award of the Royal Society of Photography 2022 in the field of scientific photography. Almost 16 years ago, I took part in a night sky observation tour for the first time to see the Bursaushi meteor shower. I remember that it was a very cold night and almost all the participants went to sleep around 3:00 AM. When I woke up early in the morning, I saw Babak coming down the hill with his photography equipment. He showed me stunning pictures of the stars and the shower that he had taken last night while I was asleep. Although I was very excited to see the pictures, what really amazed me was the determination and love that kept him awake all through that very cold night to capture the beauty of the night sky and share it with us. put My friend, I am so glad to see that all your hard work is paying off. Your light shines brightly.”

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