The firing of Twitter employees by Elon Musk caused many reactions. Jack Dorsey said in this regard, me too Responsible for firing 50% of Twitter’s workforce I am

Founder and Former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, to Elon Musk’s massive force adjustment He reacted in this company and said that I am also to blame for this incident, because I had gone through the growth process much faster.

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Responsible for firing 50% of Twitter’s workforce

on Friday, The new owner of Twitter He fired half of his staff. Following this move, he faced various reactions from users and experts. Jack Dorsey Regarding this issue, he said: “People inside Twitter are strong and flexible both in the past and today. “No matter how difficult the situation, they always find a way.”

Responsible for firing 50% of Twitter's workforce

“I accept my responsibility for putting people in the current situation,” Dorsey continued. I grew the company very quickly. I apologize for this.” He expressed his gratitude to all Twitter forces.

The tweets came after the New York Post claimed Dorsey was being hated on Twitter. Many employees seem to believe that Dorsey is responsible for the sales and layoffs.

The founder of Twitter said about this deal in April: Elon MuskIt is the only solution I trust.”

He also stated in a private message to Elon Musk that he will not allow the deal to fail and will do whatever is necessary to revive it, because this event is vital for human society.

Considering that Jack Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter at two different times, after being fired in 2007, he returned to the company in 2015 and finally left the company for good in 2021. Parag Agrawal was chosen as Dorsey’s successor as CEO of Twitter, but Agrawal was quickly fired after Elon Musk bought the company.

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