The European Union and the Pentagon warned Elon Musk not to supply Starlink in Ukraine The cost of Starlink Ukraine prioritized

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, had threatened to Starlink satellite internet services to Ukraine will not provide Following this threat, the Pentagon and the European Union are considering paying for these services. According to the interview of the Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielios Landsbergis with the news agency Politico and the disclosure of the program, he stated that these talks are going through their initial stages.

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The cost of Starlink Ukraine

Elon Musk Financial loss of providing Starlink in Ukraine announced and said that in order to continue providing services in this country, the payment of expenses should be made by the Pentagon. Elon Musk’s opinion changed after a short time and said Free service in Ukraine to be continued. However, reports indicate that there is no free Starlink in Ukraine.

The cost of Starlink Ukraine

But the initial warning of Elon Musk caused the situation Starlink in Ukraine from other countries to become a matter of concern, because this country to advance its military programs Starlink needs.

According to Landsbergis, Internet access in a war-torn country should not be controlled by a powerful person who has the ability to shut down service within a day.

According to the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, it is necessary for EU countries to act Purchased Starlink service do In a news report from Politico, US officials have announced that the Pentagon Payment to SpaceX considers Fees paid to this company may be considered as expenses required to ship the equipment.

In any case, far from imagining that Access to Starlink in Ukraine be cut off As a result, in order to avoid the financial loss of the world’s most powerful government, the European Union or the Pentagon will pay the costs.

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