The official draft of the cryptographic document Published by the central bank. The official release of digital Rial has started in September as a test.

Draft of Rial currency document officially by central bank Released. Therefore, the entry of all operating banks into this project by the end of the trial period is one of the other planned goals in its implementation.

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The official draft of the cryptographic document

Draft of Rial currency document It was made available to get the opinions of specialists and experts. Digital rial It was officially published for the first time in Shahrivar month by the banknote reserve supervision board, and its purpose was to implement the resolution of the Money and Credit Council.

Draft of Rial currency document

After an initial limited release, Digital rial Published through two operating banks and with a controlled user community, it has been put into pre-trial operation, and the process of supplementary checks is currently ongoing to start the trial period. Also, based on the arrangements made soon with the joining of a third bank to this project, this period of the state pre-trial Exited and entered Trial stage will be Therefore, the scope of use, the number of users and the amount allocated to this project will also expand.

Based on Draft of Rial currency document One of the goals planned in this project is the entry of all operating banks into this project. central bank It is planned to take the pre-trial and trial courses at the same time Opinions and suggestions of monetary and banking expertsto provide the possibility of the general public to access the digital Rial gradually.

Experts can send their suggestions by e-mail to to send

How many banks are in the queue to enter Riam Rial transactions?

Vice President of New Technologies of the Central Bank, the latest implementation status Rial code and explained its transactions in the country. Mehran Mohramian said:

Currently, two banks and a limited number of stores, as well as some people who are the first to have digital Rial in their Rial crypto wallet, have been selected and these people are trading with Rial crypto.

Draft of Rial currency document

He said that two big banks national and nation have been selected for trial transactions of Ramsriyal, he said: “We are currently checking the outputs of Ramsriyal transactions and we have received feedback to fix its problems.” Mahramian added:

In the next phase, with more people, more banks, and more stores, we will deal with Rial transactions in order to better examine Rial transactions.

Mahramian by stating that Rial code There is no need for a regulator, he emphasized: “Many banks are eager to enter Rial Rial, and the Central Bank welcomes this issue, and currently several banks are lined up to do Rial Rial transactions.”

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