Thailand and Hungary signed a memorandum of understanding Promoting blockchain technology signed The two countries will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations next year.

The industrial associations of Hungary and Thailand intend to implement the rules Blockchain technologies Cooperate in the financial services sector. Both parties hope to share experiences and ideas for alternative services as part of their new partnership.

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Promoting blockchain technology

Fintech Association of Thailand and Blockchain Alliance of Hungary, a memorandum of understanding Promoting blockchain technology have signed The Bangkok Post news magazine reported in its report on Saturday that the main purpose of the first Thai-Hungarian fintech forum’s memorandum of understanding is to empower the blockchain financial revolution.

Thailand and Hungary partnership to promote blockchain technology in the financial sector

This special event was organized by the Hungarian Embassy to showcase financial technology services. The Hungarian Blockchain Alliance was created in March by the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and the National Economic Knowledge Center. The main goal of the Hungarian Blockchain Association is to present the country as an innovator in the digital age. Members of the Blockchain Coalition are selected from the private, public and academic sectors. Chonladet Khemarattana, president of the Thailand FinTech Association, noted:

Digital financial services such as e-commerce, mobile payment services and digital currency are growing rapidly in Tabland. The number of digital currency holders is increasing day by day.

Financial agreement between Thailand and Hungary

Chunladet further added that the partnership between Thailand and Hungary will help Thailand a lot to promote blockchain technology. This work Thailand’s experience in blockchain technology increases Thailand and Hungary will gain more ideas through this cooperation.

According to Sandos Sipos, Ambassador of Hungary to Thailand, Hungary believes that promoting the latest fintech solutions and establishing deep cooperation with partners will be of great importance.

Sipos noted that two countries, Thailand and Hungary, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations next year. He described this memorandum as another turning point in Hungary’s financial cooperation. Last month, Bank of Thailand Governor Sethaput Suthiewartnarueput attended the Eurasia Forum in Budapest.

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