The new trailer of The Sandman series has been released. In this official trailer of The Sandman series released by Netflix, parts of the story have been shown.

In the new trailer of The Sandman, which Netflix officially released at San Diego Comic-Con, we see Morpheus’ return. Morpheus, who decides to meet his family after returning, faces many enemies. Exciting and attractive scenes from this series are included in the trailer, which will captivate you and it is worth watching.

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The new trailer of The Sandman series

Among the actors of this series are Tom Sturridge, Kirby Howell Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Gwendoline Christie, Vivian Achampong, Charles Dance, Boyd Holbrook, Asim Chaudhary, Sanjeev Baskar, Jenna Coleman, Niamh Walsh, Julie Richardson, David Thewlis, Q. , Stephen Fry, Rozan Jamal, Sandra James Young and Patton Oswalt.

In the production of this series, which was produced in 11 episodes, people like David S. Goyer, who has a history of writing scripts such as Blade II, Batman Begins and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in his career, along with Alan Heinberg, the writer of Wonder Woman, as showrunner, writer and The producer is cooperating and Gaiman will be with them. It should be noted that this series will be aired on Netflix on August 5, equal to August 14. Watch the trailer of The Sandman below:

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