Recently, HBO has shared a new trailer for the House of the Dragon series. This trailer shows the battle between two Targaryen princes.

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The new trailer for House of Dragons shows the competition between Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Prince Daemon Targaryen for the succession to the Iron Throne. Each of them is allying with powerful people, and this is what starts civil wars.

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Watch the new trailer of House of the Dragon series

The story of the Dragon family series takes place 300 years before the events of the Game of Thrones series and focuses on the beginning and end of the Targaryen family; Just when Daenerys Targaryen’s battle had not yet begun and the Targaryen family ruled Westeros under the rule of Aagan Targaryen I.

This series, which will begin with the conquest of the seven kingdoms of Westeros by Agan I, is supposed to narrate the Targaryen rule from the beginning. Below you can watch the new trailer of this series.

George RR Martin, the creator of the world of Westeros, and Ryan Kendall are responsible for creating the House of the Dragon series. Kendall has been responsible for writing the script of all the episodes of the series and is also present as a showrunner in this series. Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik also directed the pilot and several other episodes, and helped Kendall create House of Dragons as showrunner.

Matt Smith, Emma Darcy, Olivia Cooke, Rhys Ifans, Paddy Considine, Steve Toussaint, Sonoya Mizuno, Eve Best, Fabian Frankel, Graham McTavish, Millie Elcock, Emily Carey, Ryan Kerr, Jefferson Hall, David Horowitz, Matthew Needham, Bill Peterson , Savannah Stein, Fia Saban, Evan Mitchell, John McMillan and Gavin Spokes are the actors who played in this series.

This series will be aired on HBO in one month, on August 30.

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