New strain of corona Known as BA.4.6, it accounts for more than 9% of cases in the United States. It is said that this virus is spreading rapidly in the UK.

According to reports published by the British Health Security Agency, over the past month, New strain of corona It accounts for approximately 3.3% of the patients in this country. It is said that this number is currently growing with a continuous increase of 9%.

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In similar cases and according to statistics published by the Center for Control and Prevention, more than 9% of cases in the United States are related to New strain of corona That is, BA.4.6 is assigned.

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Let’s get to know the new strain of Corona better

Actually BA.4.6 It is a variant of the BA.4 Amicron strain that was first identified in South Africa in January 2022 and has since been spreading rapidly around the world at the same time as BA.5.

Not much is known about how BA.4.6 came about, but it could be some form of recombination. Recombination happens when the patient’s body is infected with several different types of viruses at the same time New strain of corona is created

The new strain of Corona is spreading widely;  What do we know about BA.4.6?

New strain of corona or BA.4.6 is very similar to BA.4 and carries a spike protein mutation. Spike is a protein that sits on the surface of the virus and the virus enters the cells with its help. When a mutation occurs in the virus, this mutation helps the virus escape from antibodies that are introduced into the body by vaccines, or that develop naturally in the body from previous infections.

Because infections caused by Amicron are much weaker than previous strains, scientists hope that this weakness in New strain of corona or BA.4.6 should be the same. According to the UKHSA, the rate of replication in the early stages of infection New strain of corona It is much more than BA.5.

According to a report from Oxford University, people who received three doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the time of arrival New strain of corona or BA.4.6 produce less antibodies to the patient’s body than the previous strains, namely BA.4 and BA.5. This means that it is possible that corona vaccines are less effective against BA.4.6.

The less effective vaccine against a specific species cannot be the reason for not injecting it, and it should be kept in mind that in any case, vaccines can protect our body to a large extent against new types of corona. Scientists are trying to prevent the development of corona virus in the body by making drugs.

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