Space news agency from New Artemis 1 launch time informed. Artemis 1 is NASA’s first mission for the massive SLS rocket and the second mission of the Orion capsule.

Some time ago, NASA also made efforts to SLS rocket launcher It was unsuccessful. 3 previous attempts by NASA to launch this rocket failed due to various malfunctions in its internal system and adverse weather conditions. After that, until now, this missile in the VAB building; Cape Canaveral Space Headquarters is maintained. But now, the new date and time of the Artemis 1 launch has been set on November 14, which is almost 2 weeks away.

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New Artemis 1 launch time

According to the plan, the SLS rocket and the Orion capsule are scheduled to be transferred to launch pad 30B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Friday. NASA said in a statement that it will perform minor servicing and repairs before the rocket launches. Last time, a storm on September 26 caused the SLS rocket to be moved from the launch pad to the VAB building. In explaining this transition, NASA announced:

Testing the response of the control systems in the twin boosters of the rocket, as well as the installation of the flight batteries, have been completed. These components are ready for operation.

New Artemis 1 launch time

NASA in particular The exact launch time of Artemis 1 said that this mission in November 14 and in the hour 4:07 minutes will be done. The company also announced the replacement of ICPS batteries by engineers. In addition to this replacement, engineers are investigating and making changes in the missile system, which include replacing the battery in the main and upper part of the missile and testing the launch cancellation system in case of a malfunction. Soon, in the next few days, the rocket will be placed on the launch pad.

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