Microsoft plans to introduce new games for the Xbox Game Pass service in July soon. Fans of co-op games should be excited this month.

As of this writing, Microsoft has not yet announced all the new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 (July to early August); But earlier announcements have been made to fans about some of the new games coming this month. So far, based on what Xbox Game Pass subscribers know about this month’s new games, it looks like July 2022 is going to be a very exciting month for multiplayer fans.

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The new games of Xbox Game Pass service for July 2022 started with the addition of Far Cry 5 from Ubisoft. Overall, Far Cry 5 is a single-player experience, but there are still co-op and multiplayer options. The availability of this game in the Xbox Game Pass service can make the players of this service easily and without paying more money for the multiplayer experience of this game.

New Xbox Game Pass games in July

On July 14, subscribers to the service can look forward to another new multiplayer game called Escape Academy. Originally, Escape Academy was supposed to hit the Xbox Game Pass service in June as a Day 1 game, but it was pushed back at the last minute and now we have to wait for July 14th. In fact, Escape Academy is a room escape game. Players have to save themselves from the rooms they are trapped in by solving all kinds of puzzles. This game has the ability to play single player and multiplayer locally and online.

The new games of the Xbox Game Pass service in July will be introduced soon

On July 19, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have another co-op game to look forward to. This title is called As Dusk Falls and it will make its way to this service on the first day of its release. As Dusk Falls is a narrative-driven game with a unique art style that has been compared to games made by Supermassive Games. Since As Dusk Falls has a co-op mode for up to eight players, co-op gamers who love deep stories in games should have a great time with this title.

It’s possible that more multiplayer games are slated for the Xbox Game Pass service this month that have yet to be announced. But Microsoft will probably introduce all the new games of its popular service that will be released in the first half of July 2022. So fans should wait for more information in this regard.

Just as the new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 are set to record exciting moments for co-op gamers, some games are also leaving the service in July 2022. One of these titles is the multiplayer and rogue-like game Children of Morta from the Iranian studio Dead Mage. Therefore, we suggest that if you are interested in this style of game, you must try this game before it’s too late.

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