Three million people New beneficiaries of subsidy Cash was added. Which groups are included? Read the details of the news in Tikrato.

According to published news Subjects of cash subsidy increased There are reports that 3 million people have rejoined the list of subsidy recipients. According to the information provided by the Subsidy Targeting Organization, the total number of registered people until the beginning of November 1401 is 2,650,000 people. Also, surveys show that among these people, 1,650,000 people are in the 1st-9th income deciles. 1 million people were not eligible for subsidies due to their placement in the 10th income decile.

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Reviewing the status of new subsidy recipients

It is worth noting that the number of people removed from List of receipt of subsistence allowance In May 1401, they were equal to 5,930,000 people. Reports show that out of this number, 4,300,000 people registered a request to review their status in the support system. After checking and reviewing, the subsidy of some of these people was again deposited into the account of the head of the household.

New beneficiaries of subsidy

One of the criteria for determining households’ decimation is the receipt or non-receipt of the 2000 dollar quota, in fact, if a person receives this quota, the related information will be recorded under the title of the individual’s economic activity in the Iranian welfare system. This also affects the decimalization of people!

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