The world’s most powerful memory card with a capacity of 1.5 terabytes was officially introduced by the company Micron. This is the largest capacity for a memory card in the world.

Micron today unveiled the world’s most powerful microSD card called the i400, which offers users a huge 1.5 TB of storage space.

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Today, in addition to the internal storage space of their phone, most mobile users also need an external memory card to have more space. Now, with the introduction of the 1.5TB external memory card, Micron has changed the situation and brought it to a point where you can store up to 1.5TB of data on your phone.

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Specifications and price of the world’s most powerful memory card

Micron has used 176-layer 3D NAND technology in the construction of this memory card, which is also used in the construction of SSD, and in other words, the memory cells in this technology are stacked in a three-dimensional pattern.

Of course, there is no specific information about how this microSD works, but it must be said that we are facing a very ideal and high-quality product that is very good at writing data and has a high endurance.

The most powerful memory card in the world

Of course, the 1.5TB memory card comes in a set and along with other cards with a capacity of 1TB, 512GB and 256GB. But the important thing is that it is not clear at this time which phones support this feature.

On the other hand, there is no specific information about the price of these products at the moment, but we should expect to see a much higher price than all the models on the market.

There has been no word yet on a 1.5TB memory card, but Silicon Power, SanDisk and Lexar have already unveiled their 1TB memory card.

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