The most luxurious version of iPhone 14 With a coating of gold and The price is 135 thousand dollars Was introduced. this phone The most expensive phone in the world Is.

Caviar Company that in the field of redesign Smart phones It works with an alloy of the most expensive elements in the world. The most luxurious version of iPhone 14 with a cover of gold material Introduced. The company in the frame behind this Expensive phone One Rolex watch It is very luxurious, which adds to the beauty of this phone.

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The most luxurious version of iPhone 14 was introduced by Caviar

The famous caviar company (Caviar) which Special and luxury smartphones This time it will be redesigned in a limited way The most luxurious version of iPhone 14 Pro with a very beautiful appearance Car Racing With gold parts and a Rolex watch embedded in the back of this phone, it has been introduced at a price of 135 thousand dollars.

brand rolex For people who are always looking for the best names in watch industry are well known. One of the most legendary collections of this company known as Daytona Dedicated to car racing and designed for professional drivers.

The most luxurious version of iPhone 14

Now the Caviar company has tried to make a special model of iPhone 14 Pro to produce The back body of this phone hosts a Rolex watch Is; A watch that alone is considered a unique work of art. Now this watch with the latest generation Apple smartphones combined to produce one of the best of course The most expensive iPhones in particular resulted in.

The most luxurious version of iPhone 14

Of course, adding a Rolex watch on the back case iPhone 14 Pro This is not the only change applied to this product. The back body of this device is light Racing car races It was designed in the 1930s. In addition, decorative speedometers and switches made of gold evoke the image of the dashboard of these cars. If you want to buy this particular model of iPhone, you have to spend a considerable amount of 135 thousand dollars.

The most luxurious version of iPhone 14

The produced models of this smart watch are available in two models, Daytona and Keleton Booster. Both Daytona and Keleton Booster styles are expected to appeal to Daytona 500 fans. Decorative speedometer and switches are made of 18 carat gold with jewel enamel painting.

The Keleton Booster version has a black front and screws Titanium alloy Is. This iPhone 14 Pro model is equipped with 128 GB of storage space and is available in limited quantities at a price of $133,670.

Model iPhone 14 Pro Max It is sold with a memory of 1 TB and a price of 134,250 dollars. These two models are sold in global markets, but only a limited number of these models have been produced.

Caviar Company, manufacturer Luxury goods Hopes to be able to make other models of the series iPhone 14 with a different and special design available to lovers of luxury phones. It remains to be seen how the buyers of such iPhones will react to the design of these new devices and whether Caviar was successful in choosing its design or not.

The most luxurious version of iPhone 14

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