The more you learn, the better your chances of success. I was also able to achieve a lot of success in my field of work, which was fabric, due to training in business techniques and a lot of perseverance. In the following, I will introduce some types of fabric.

Crepe fabric

so that you can Crepe fabric Examine the barbie carefully, you have to look at it closely, this fabric is very delicate and has a small zigzag pattern on the back, which you will see if you look carefully.

Also, one of the important points of this fabric is its elasticity, and this state is also natural and very strong, and note that the pile state does not become a bullet, so be careful that if you do not see these things that have been said, you can be sure that This fabric is not bubble crepe or it is fake.

Today, crepe fabric is also produced in Iran, and the samples that are foreign are often imported from China, Turkey, and Indonesia, and these fabrics are different in terms of price from other domestic models, and if you plan to buy this fabric, it is better. Buy it in bulk to make it more affordable and because there are so many fans of this type of fabric, it is less risky.

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Cashmere fabric

Cashmere fabric Thanks to its unique quality and softness, it is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world of fashion. This expensive fabric is one of the best and most suitable fabrics for sewing winter and autumn clothes. Clothes sewn with cashmere fabric have always been one of the most popular fall and winter collections of the world’s luxury brands.

Despite the popularity of this type of fabric in autumn and winter sewing and sewing, few people have correct information about the properties of cashmere fabric and its nature. Quality cashmere is not only among the finest, softest and warmest fabrics, but also a very durable product that can easily last 10 years if properly cared for.

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Kurdish cloth

The price of these fabrics will be determined by its quality, which has softer and normal models, and the second factor in the price Kurdish cloth The engraving and designs on this product are very impressive.

Digital designs, which are one of the most popular designs, are much more expensive than other models because they have high color quality and durability, which is without any damage after washing for a long time. As you know, this design They are attached with digital prints to the surface of the fabric with industrial machines.

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