Recently, the Minister of Communications (Isa Zarepour) stated that the decision for Fix Instagram and WhatsApp filtering It will not be on him!

During the last appearance of Isa Zarepour among the students, the Minister of Communications announced that regarding Filtering social networks The only action that can be taken by him is to express his opinions in the meetings. Of course, it should be said that filtering social networks that do not have positive effects on people’s lives is not a new thing, and it was expected that Instagram would be filtered before.

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The decision to remove Instagram filtering is not with the ministry!

In the following, Zarepour said that the business of many people is following Instagram filtering He faces serious problems to express his point of view. Currently, the Minister of Communications is focusing all his attention on growth and The development of internal social networks Has set. Of course, due to the lack of trust of users towards internal applications and the lack of protection of users’ privacy, it can be said that directing people to internal social networks will be impossible.

Instagram and WhatsApp filtering

Zarepour about making a decision for Fix Instagram filtering It is up to the 14-member committee to determine instances of criminal content, he added. Therefore, filtering sites and social networks has nothing to do with the Minister of Communications!

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In your opinion, decide for Fix Instagram filtering What institution is it in charge of? Would you be willing to use internal platforms if safe and popular social networks remain filtered? Please share your views in the comments section technology news Follow with repetition.

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