The Ministry of Communications accepted responsibility for disrupting the filter breakers and announced that this process has been started to deal with the illegal sale of filter breakers.

For weeks now, Internet users in Iran, regardless of the type and operator of the Internet, are dissatisfied with the state of the Internet and in addition to slowing down the Internet, ‌ many sites and services and in general the performance of the Internet is considered weaker than before. they do. In the meantime, it is said that the connection to the filter breakers has also encountered problems.

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Some people talked about the current situation with the implementation of the protection light off and that the implementation of this plan has led to internet disruptions. This situation even led to the formation of a campaign in response to cyberbullying.

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Disruption of the filter breakers was the job of the Ministry of Communications

The Ministry of Communications accepted the responsibility of disrupting the filter breakers!
Disruption of filter breakers

Today, however, the Ministry of Communications finally spoke about the problems and disruptions on the Internet and officially accepted responsibility for the disruption of the filter breakers. Mehdi Salem, head of the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said about the internet restrictions that there are no restrictions on people’s access to the internet at the moment, but the ministry is dealing with illegal sellers.

There is no restriction on anyone’s access to the Internet and the service is working properly. Anyone making any claim in this regard that their Internet access is restricted by a VPN and in which it has been disrupted must report it, and if they are sure of the disruption and restriction of the Internet, the matter must be investigated through the criminal content verification working group system.

Mr. Salem emphasized that in our country, buying and selling VIPs is against the law in any way and is prohibited, and some people have formed VIPs on their servers and have sold them illegally. As a result, we have a duty to prevent this process.

We have a duty to stop this illegal process, and if after investigations it is found that the person provided legal services and did not provide illegal access, but his service was filtered by mistake, his problem will certainly be solved. However, those who sell VIPs in addition to their work should know that their activities are illegal and subject to punishment.

According to Mehdi Salem, according to the Computer Crimes Law, attempting to sell any software with electrical tools designed to use banned sites is a crime and is prosecuted. He added:

We observed a significant portion of these cases. Some companies that believe in deliberately disrupting the Internet and hackers are the ones selling VPNs, and selling VPNs is illegal. We have no obligation to provide illegal service to cover the illegal work of a group and to make them do illegal work. If the VPN is illegal, the Department of Communications has no responsibility to track it.

The head of the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Communications stressed that the ministry only blocks sites that have illegally sold filter breakers. He stressed that there is no reason for us to intentionally filter the site address, but some have claimed that mistakes have been made in this regard. These people must submit the necessary documents to the filtering committee to be investigated, and if the accuracy of their claims is determined, their problem will undoubtedly be solved.

The Ministry of Communications accepted the responsibility of disrupting the filter breakers!
Disruption of filter breakers

Since VIPs are sometimes used to communicate securely in cyberspace, Mehdi Salem said that someone may have access to legal VIPs and as a result the system may have made a misdiagnosis. These individuals can take action through the Working Group on Criminal Content Determination or the Filtering Committee to file a complaint.

In addition, given that websites are not only used to access banned sites, the Ministry is therefore identifying sites that have intentionally and illegally sold VPNs.

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