How to pledge shares to get a loan It is one of the questions of those who are looking for bank facilities. This plan can meet the needs of different sections of the society.

According to the current economic conditions, different banks are seeking to meet the needs of different income groups of the society by providing different facilities. The central bank has provided various facility plans to its operating banks. One of these plans Transferring loans with the stock exchange through collateral It is an investment.

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How to pledge shares to get a loan

Get a loan with shares It has special conditions and applicants must submit various documents to receive this bank facility. People who seek to receive this facility from the Central Bank; Must be all The process of getting a bank loan do it completely.

How to pledge shares to get a loan
How to pledge shares to get a loan

The project manager of electronic verification of the depository company in relation to the method Pledge Shares to get a loan said:

People who seek to validate their shares in order to receive a bank loan must complete the process of receiving the facility.

People who apply for this loan with the stock market must have certain conditions to be eligible for this facility. In this regard, Samia Mohammadi said:

There are conditions such as a person’s age (over 18 years old), registration in Sejam, account average, ranking of people based on the facilities received as general conditions in the money market that people should pay attention to.

A person who is looking to get a loan must obtain a grade point average according to the account he has in the desired bank account, so that he can do the rest of the actions related to the confirmation of shares. It is not like this that a person who only has securities can definitely pledge it and get a loan.

Obtaining a loan through the stock exchange, which is only possible with the provision of collateral, is implemented in the national banks and Mehr Iran Zemin, it is a way to replace real and legal guarantors to receive facilities. Samia Mohammadi also in the following regarding the method of bail take stock To get a loan, remember:

Sometimes, in the meantime, a shareholder who seeks to validate shares and receive a loan has frozen his shares with a broker, in which case he cannot pledge his shares again to receive a loan. A person who seeks to receive a loan must place shares with the bank as collateral that can be traded, also in the meantime, the symbols of the right of priority in this project cannot be placed as collateral.

The provision of collateral, which is considered a supplement to receiving a loan, has been implemented in all operating banks since 2009.

How to pledge shares to get a loan
take stock

The manager of the electronic verification project of the depository company emphasized:

In order to get a loan, instead of taking the guarantor to the bank, the person puts the shares as collateral. According to the law on collateral guidelines, the guarantor submits a request to the depository company while registering the collateral in the bank system.

Some people abandon the process and don’t go through the process completely, at which point they are no longer able to get a loan. The depository company cannot take any action without the request of the bailee.

Also, he related to the full implementation of all instructions on how to pledge shares for Receive a loan stated:

If the borrower does not take the measures related to the repayment of the received facilities within the specified period and does not fulfill his obligations, after the necessary notifications, the sale request will be sent from the bank to the depository company and the asset will be sold.

When a person enters the bank system to receive a loan, he must observe some rules and regulations such as the sales power of attorney and must read all these items carefully.

It should be noted that the people who are eligible to receive this bank facility must repay their loan on the due date; Of course, all the necessary notifications will be sent and carried out by the implementing banks.

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