Following the recent investigations, scientists managed to read what is in the human mind; in other words Mind reading device Designed without touch contact and chip.

The new method enables scientists to read people’s thoughts without touching their heads. In the past, they could also read people’s minds, but they did it by placing electrodes deep in the human brain. Today, a new method called FMRI (Feedback Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is used.

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The invention of a device for reading people’s minds

At FMRI method They examine the flow of blood containing oxygen and because of the need for more Brain cells to energy and oxygen, they use the obtained results to indirectly measure brain activity.

The invention of a device for reading people's minds

Scientists understand people’s thoughts conceptually and are still unable to read these thoughts word for word. Alexander Huth, a professor of neurology at the University of Texas, said about the invention of the machine for reading human thoughts that scientists did not believe it was possible to achieve such an achievement until 20 years ago.

To check the new method Reading human thoughts A team was formed whose task was to scan the brains of a woman and two men between the ages of 20 and 30. Each of the participants had to listen to 16 different podcasts and radio programs, then the answers of the scans were presented to a computer algorithm called a decoder.

In fact, this algorithm is considered as a device for reading human thoughts. The algorithm compared the audio patterns with the patterns obtained from the scan result and, with the help of FMRI and story generation, realized that its content matched the content of a podcast or radio program.

The invention of a device for reading people's minds

In other words, this algorithm was able to find out what story each person heard, including mistakes. Among the mistakes was that it could not recognize the pronouns of the characters, but nevertheless, it can be clearly stated that the new algorithm is aware of the events, but sometimes it has problems in recognizing the characters.

In another test, the new algorithm was able to accurately explain the story of a silent film, and the interesting thing is that it was able to understand what people were creating in their minds. The formed team concluded that by expanding and developing this algorithm, they can help people who are unable to speak or write.

Nevertheless, when the discussion The invention of a device for reading human thoughts Meanwhile, there are also concerns about the use of this method by various organizations for nefarious purposes. Are you worried about this too?

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