Recently, a complete list of malware and Malicious Chrome extensions It has been published that it causes destruction and damage to users’ systems. Know these malwares.

Installing a malware or an infected plugin can easily destroy the system. Therefore, we should always be careful in installing different apps and make sure that they are valid. In the list recently from Malicious Chrome extensions Released, there is an adware named “Dormant Colors” that has damaged users’ systems in 30 different extensions in the Chrome and Microsoft Web Store.

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List of malicious Chrome extensions

According to PcWorld, security researcher Guardio Labs has identified a list of malicious Chrome extensions, some of which hijack search results. This adware called “Dormant Colors” has been downloaded and installed more than 1 million times. To identify other detected malware add-ons, pay attention to the list below and remove them from your personal computer without wasting time.

List of malicious Chrome extensions

  • Action Colors
  • Background Colors
  • Border Colors
  • Change Color
  • Colors Mode
  • Colors Scale
  • Dood Colors
  • Get Colors
  • Hex Colors
  • imginfo
  • Mega Colors
  • Mix Colors
  • More Styles
  • Nino Colors
  • Power Colors
  • Refresh Color [sic]
  • Single Color
  • Soft View
  • Style Flex
  • Super Colors
  • WebPage Colors
  • What Color
  • Xer Colors

The possibility of redirecting you to phishing pages is very high if you use these plugins. Also, in addition to injecting advertisements into standard pages, these malwares can also add affiliate links to popular shopping websites. Although at the time of writing this news, the mentioned extensions have been removed from Google and Microsoft, but this will not stop the development of Dehangan. They can easily re-upload these plugins to other accounts. As a result, before installing any add-on, it is better to confirm the source of the browser add-on and use strong antivirus in your system.

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